Why prefer edibles over smoking?

What are edibles?

Edibles are cannabis-infused food items. The ability of cannabis to mix and match with consumable items offers unprecedented opportunities to create products with unusual tastes.
Cannabis-infused edibles such as chocolate, candy, cookies, drinks, brownies, snacks, spreads, etc. bring cannabis enthusiasts a unique taste along with myriad marijuana benefits. Weed edibles are extracted from cannabis flowers and consumers experience a different kind of narcotic effect.
Most of the edibles come with THC – a psychoactive element famous for soothing and pain-relieving attributes. The ultimate choice of CBD or THC edibles depends upon consumers’ taste and need.

Why prefer edibles over smoking?

Edibles provide an alternative way of consumption for people who cannot enjoy smoking marijuana. Particularly for people who are tired of having a cough, and sore throats, edibles offer a discrete and convenient way of cannabis consumption. Furthermore, there are a few other benefits that oral consumption may have over smoking.

  • Marijuana smoking may exert harsh effects to your lungs compared to when consumed orally.
  • The consumption of marijuana leaves higher psychoactive effects and consumers feel rather high.
  • Smoking marijuana causes dry mouth by reducing the saliva inflow to the mouth which may cause bad breath, tooth decay and gum diseases.
  • Edibles are more effective in starving off the pain than smoking.
  • Inside the body, edibles promote healthy cells and repair damaged cells.
  • With edible consumption, there is no smoke smell and no second-hand smoke.
  • For some people edibles consumption provide better relief to pain and anxiety than smoking.
  • Edibles allow people to consume cannabis without being noticed by others. Unlike smoke, edibles don’t have a specific odor. It may be of great help for those who take marijuana for medicinal purposes and need to take it at work.

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