How to Dry Marijuana|How to Cure and Trim Marijuana.

 My name's Bailey with harvest helper I've worked the last several years in the cannabis industry in Washington State. Today I'm going to share with you what I have found to be some of the best practices for harvesting and Drying Marijuana. I will give you step-by-step instructions on how to dry  Marijuana cure,trim and store your cannabis for a long lasting shelf life that will retain its flavor for time and time to come the best way to know if your plants are ready for harvesting is to examine the maturity of the trichomes. Trichomes for the sticky resin glints that cover the bud and sugar leaf. 

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 Three stages of visual development:

There are three stages of visual development that the tran comb will go through .

First Stage:
the first stage is clear a clear track is an image and the bug will not offer the end-user a pleasantly effective hi or flavor. 

Second Stage:
The second stage is cloudy or milky a cloudy or milky trichome is at its peak this fully matured trichome will offer optimum scent flavor and hide.

Third Stage: 
The third stage is amber and amber trichome has passed its peak and has begun the degradation process. So when do you know when to harvest when Qin- trichomes are continually produced and always at different stages of development most farmers say to harvest when 50% of the trichome coverage is between cloudy and amber or when 20% of the total coverage is Amber you can Lou use a jeweler's loupe that's at least 30 times magnification and you can see really closely how those trichomes are and what stage they're in when they're clear they're gonna look glass and when they're cloudy they're going to look plastic and when they're amber they're a different color using a heavy-duty share cut your plants at the base or cut it in 12 to 20 inch sections never pull your plant out by the roots or you're sure to have a mess.

How to Dry Marijuana:
 Dry lines or dry racks dry lines are the most common method of drying it is easy to commercially set up a room with proper airflow humidity and temperature common recommendations for drying herbs are between 60 and 75 degrees with 50 to 60% humidity hanging coalesce branches or sections of plants upside down from wire or rope lines running from wall to wall makes a convenient hanging system as the bud dries water contained in the stem slowly wicks into the bud slowing down the drying process the slower drying process results in a smoother taste a slower burn when you properly dry and cure your cannabis you can store it away for months without severe degradation when using the hang-drying method the Cannabis will need to dry for several days before it's ready for debugging the leaves on the outside of the bug will begin to dry first and may feel a bit crunchy when lightly squeezed the interior of the buds retain moisture longer because it is drawing water from the stem the more stem the longer the bug will take to completely dry wait until the stem starts to crack instead of bend then it is time to debone the buds even if the bud seems fully dry they will moisten up some during the curing process as the moisture balances between the Interior and the exterior of the body pointing the stem down carefully buck or clip each bud off the stem if you are using an auto trimmer this step is crucial for ensuring a quality trim later clip the buds from the stem to the size you will want there manicuring for more stem that is removed the easier it will be for you to store it and the better the cure will be you don't have to hack down buds into tiny butlet's but there should be no buds more than three inches long extra stem will hold moisture and interfere with the curing and auto trimming process place the buds and apply turn and discard the stems for automatic bucking there are several options available at harvest helper trim store comm Curie cannabis can be done in buckets bins turkey bags or jars there's also a computerized automated device called the auto cure all available at harvest auger trim store comm fill your tubs or containers with bud and leave them uncovered or your turkey bags open if the humidity is very low in the drying room you will need to pay very close attention to the buds once they are removed from the stems without the stems the buds can quickly over dry and the tubs may need to be removed you will notice that a full tub or container of buds will begin to compact towards the bottom gently loosen or fluff the buttons by carefully dumping the contents of one container into an empty one this allows the bud on the bottoms to become the buds on the tops and should be done about twice a day so that the buds can continue to dry when the buds have reached what seems to be the perfect moisture content placed the lids on the tubs or container overnight or close your turkey bag you will find that in the morning the buds have rehydrated and the moisture levels have balanced throughout the container leave the tops off the tubs or the bag open for 10 minutes or so and fluff as before when they appear to be dry again return the lid or close the container it can take up to a week to properly sweat out the extra moisture from the tub or container but continue this process until the moisture leaves and your buds have stabilized fairly to remove enough moisture will lead your buds to mold and storage you will know when your buds are stable or have finished the off gassing process because when you open that container nothing but pure terpenes will roll out choose a high-quality Shearer snip and get prepared you will want a tray or a surface for trimming gloves rubbing alcohol a sponge or rag to clean your scissors and a container to collect your trim get comfortable because hand trimming takes a long time you will gently cut your excess sugar leaf by closing your scissors just enough to shred the sugar leaf rotate your scissors around the bud place in a clean container and move on to the next one don't forget to collect your scissor - along the way and clean your scissors to decrease contamination when choosing an automatic trimmer do your research try one or attend a demo if you can I will highlight a couple of the highly regarded trimmers on the market the twister line offers 84 and 82 consistent and accurate automated trimming you will need to have someone continuously feeding the buds through the machine or purchase it with a conveyor belt system be sure to include cleaning and maintenance in your harvesting process green grouse offers two models they offer the 215 and the green bros for 20 of these machines offer per slice and gentle trimming with mobility in mind the green bros dried trimmer has a reputation for being the gentlest and preserving the contours of the bud the farmer simply loads the Machine sets the timer and goes on with the rest of his chores again don't forget your clean up if you have any questions or would like to purchase any of our equipment you can go to harvest Hobart restore calm or you can call the 800 number below and speak to me Bailey or one of our harvesting specialist. 

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