Science reveals 8 health benefits of CBD oil

CBD oil is derived from the cannabis plant and can provide relief to several medical conditions.
Despite the proven healing effect of CBD, some people question its legality and safety. However, this natural remedy is beneficial for health and healing without getting its consumers high. CBD is one of the components of cannabis which natural health circles believe has an exceptional remedial prowess and they claim it can relieve everything from chronic pain to cancer.
For better understanding, we explain what CBD oil is, its uses and how the scientific community views its reported healing power.

CBD oil: what is it?

CBD is one of over 100 cannabinoid compounds which are naturally found in the cannabis plant. These cannabinoids are also part of our bodies, they bind brain to receptors throughout the body. It is important to clear a confusion that not all compounds of cannabis make you feel high. The component responsible for creating feelings of being high is THC.
CBD is a different compound from THC which can affect your mind to create feelings of being high. It means CBD consumption does not result in getting you high or altering your state of mind.
Consuming cannabis to address various health related issues is not a new concept.Since ages people are using cannabis for its medicinal benefits.

Hemp seed oil and cannabis oil are the same as CBD oil?
Generally, there are widespread misperceptions emanating from a lack of knowledge about the plant. Several people may confuse cannabis oil with CBD but actually there exit significant differences between them.

Hemp seed oil: It is produced by cold-pressing the seeds of hemp. While hemp oil is rich in fats and vitamin E but it only contains traces of cannabinoid including CBD.
Cannabis oil: It is extracted from marijuana with a high percentage of THC. Each product may contain drastically different components including CBD and THC. However, the concentrations of CBD and THC are controlled in commercially produced cannabis oil.

What is full spectrum and isolate CBD?
Another important distinction of know is whether a CBD oil product is full spectrum or isolate. CBD isolate contains 100% pure CBD whereas full spectrum CBD contains all other cannabinoids found in cannabis even small amount of THC.
While scientific scrutiny can truly reveal the differences, one study analyzing the effects of both types of CBD oil in mice found that full spectrum act as a strong anti-inflammatory than pure CBD.

Health benefits of CBD oil
The cannabis activists claim that CBD oil can provide relief in a variety of conditions such as chronic pain, depression, anxiety, acne and even cancer.
Cannabis classification as an illegal Schedule 1 drug has made it difficult to carry out a scientific research to establish its benefits to human health. Despite, evidence is coming to prove the medicinal properties of CBD oil.

CBD oil and chronic pain
The research has found promising results of using CBD oil in addressing chronic pain. Several studies concluded that CBD proved effective in reducing joint inflammation and other inflammatory pain in rats. Based on the results of these studies, many believeCBD potentially can provide relief from arthritis in humans.

During the trials of a CBD based medicine, Savitex, 58 rheumatoid arthritis patients reported an improvement in sleep quality and reduction in pain.  
A small group of people with Multiple Sclerosis reported a notable pain reduction and muscle spasms after using the same medicine.
In 2017, a report analyzingseveral trials and studies concluded that adults are likely to show a significant reduction in chronic pain symptoms when treated with cannabis or CBD.
The same report found that medicinal cannabis intake resulted in a significant reduction in opioid use in pain patients.

CBD oil’s effect on anxiety and depression
CBD oil can help treat anxiety and depression by activating the brain receptors for serotonin, the neurotransmitter that controls mood as well as sleep and appetite. A number of studiesinvolving animals have shown notable antidepressantand anti-anxietylike effects of CBD consumption.
One of the studies involving human subjects examined the CBD’s effect on anxiety brought on by public speaking found that CBD showed an anti-anxiety effect among 60 participants of the study. The study concluded that specific doses proved effective while too little or too much didn’t work.
A child with posttraumatic stress disorder has shown a significant improvement in anxiety and sleep after taking CBD oil.
Contrary to the above results, an analysis of 6 case reports and 7 trials in 2017, covering 207 subjects found CBD has no effect on major depressive and bipolar disorders. However, the analysis revealed that there exist some positive effects for those with a social anxiety disorder.

CBD oil is effective to treat cancer symptoms and may possess anti-tumor effects
American national institutes such as American Cancer Society and National Cancer Institute admit the potential role of CBD oil in slowing and reducing the spread of cancer cells.
A growing scientific output shows that CBD can effectively check the progression of various types of cancer including breast, lung, prostate, and colon cancer.
The studies also found that CBD can effectively lower the cancer related pain and chemotherapy related vomiting and nausea.

Relief to Epilepsy seizures
Theresearch shows that CBD can effectively reduce the seizures related to rare forms of childhood-onset Epilepsy, Lennox-Gastaut syndrome and Dravet syndrome.
Recognizing the potential of CBD to effectively relieve these conditions, FDArecently approved first prescription cannabis drug, called Epidiolex to treat these rare forms of Epilepsy.

Antipsychotic characteristics
A number of studies have highlighted the antipsychotic properties of the CBD and showed its potential to provide relief to patients suffering from schizophreniaand Parkinson'sdisease.

CBD can help address the substance abuse
The anti-psychoactiveproperties of CBD can help address the marijuana addiction. Similarly, other studies have shown it is helpful to people with addiction to other substances like tobacco, alcohol and even heroin.

CBD vs diabetes and heart disease
CBD is appeared to lower the incidence of diabetes in mice. In humans, several scientists believe the anti-inflammatory properties of this natural remedy can help treat the type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease. 

CBD’s effects on skin health
CBD improves health skin by affecting inside and out. On the skin, it may help reduce the acne. The evidence shows that it has a rather powerful effect on skin conditions as compared to vitamin C and E.

Does CBD have side-effects?
Generally, it is safe to consume CBD. Over time, humans have shown tolerance to high doses of CBD. Despite, there is a likelihood that you may end up experiencing one of the following mild side effects;

·         Tiredness
·         Diarrhea
·         Dry mouth
·         Low blood pressure
·         Lightheadedness
·         Nausea (this may be due to the carrier oil used)
·         Changes in appetite and/or weight

The CBD consumption may potentially interact with other medicines. Therefore, it is wise to check with your doctor before consuming CBD especially when you are on prescription medicines.

Is CBD oil regulated?
Since CBD oil is not approved by the FDA; it means any product containing CBD is not regulated. As a result, there is a likelihood that any product you purchase may be mislabeled or of poor quality. 
A recent studyanalyzing 84 CBD products sold online revealed that nearly 70% of the products contained less or more CBD than mentioned on the label.
Of analyzed products, 20% contained traces of THC; some had enough for intoxication, especially in children. 

CBD oil is legal
CBD is legal in most parts of the world. It is legal in 50 US states, Canada, Europe (except Slovakia). Consumers in Australia may get CBD oil via prescription.
The question of legality largely depends upon the place where you live and CBD products’ source. For example, if CBD comes from marijuana it may contain as high THC as 30%, it’s illegal in most states without a prescription. However, if CBD oil is derived from which contains a very low amount of THC (no more than 0.3%), it is legal across the country.
Each state has its own laws to deal with the plant’s THC levels and its medicinal use. However, these laws are in a constant state of flux, therefore, you need to consult your particular state’s laws on CBD and cannabis consumption.

Where to find CBD oil and how to use it?
If you live in a place where CBD is legal than locating and purchasing CBD oil is easy.
The majority of CBD products can be found online which marketers ship to all 50 US states and 40 countries across the globe.
You need to be careful while choosing CBD oil products online. Look over the customers’ reviews and carefully analyze the company’s background.
CBD oil products can also be found at specialty retail outlets such as natural health stores, smoke shops and medical cannabis dispensaries.
Since CBD is available in a number of different forms, therefore, you can consume it in a variety of ways.
You can take it orally through capsules, syrups and a number of other ways as per your choice and taste.
Direct intake of CBD oil involved placing a drop or more on your tongue allowing your body to absorb the product faster.
Topical use of CBD provide an effective shield against a number of skin issues such as acne, eczema, or psoriasis, however, best results can be achieved by adding it to a lotion or cream. A vast range of CBD products including Shampoos, body washes, toothpaste, and conditioner are available for cannabis consumers.
Some people prefer to inhale it through an e-cigarette or vaporizer. Vaporizing can remove the impurities from the oil, preventing harmful body effects and allows CBD quick bloodstream absorption.
What CBD oil is appropriate for you depends upon your ability to absorb it and ailment. The best way is to seek your physician’s advice or start with small quantities leading to larger doses. There are a few websites out there that provide advice allowing you have an idea of how much quantity is good for you.
There exist online sellers who market CBD OIL NO THC  because these products are produced observing high production standards therefore, they consistently provide their customers with quality products. 

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