LED Grow Lights for Marijuana garden: Tips to choose best one in the market

Purchasing a LED Grow Light is a big investment decision and has implications for the growth of your indoor marijuana garden. Therefore, we will share with you all tips and tricks you need to make an appropriate choice.

Important things to consider
Before the selection of a light you need to consider several things. Inclusion of the following criteria would help you evaluate your ultimate choice of a product.
First element to consider is cost. Your budget largely determines what type and model of LED light will illuminate your marijuana garden. A better approach is to list all of the LED lights features you are looking for and then make the budget estimates.
Be sure whatever your choice of LED lights is, it is within your budget.
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Area to be covered
The number of lights you need for illumination depends upon the area of your grow room. Figure out the area of your grown room and make an estimate about the area a single light can illuminate. In this way you would have an idea about how many LED lights you need to purchase.

LED lens angle
The quality of LED lights also depends upon the angle of dispersion within the bulbs. If that angle is wide there would be greater coverage and in case it is lesser there would be less dispersion and more direct light.

Phases of growth
LED grow light must be appropriate for a full growth cycle to aid in entire growth phases.

Full spectrum LED
This is the latest lighting system introduced for indoor marijuana garden. These lights are the best possible lighting solution because of their close resemblance to the effects of real sunlight. The full spectrum LED lighting system is a better alternative to commonly used fluorescent lights.
If your indoor marijuana garden is installed with outdated lighting system, you need to upgrade it as early as you can.

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Benefits of using LED Grow Lights
Before the invention of LED lights, high-pressure sodium lamps and fluorescent bulbs were used for indoor gardening illumination. But the issues of space and ventilation make these lights especially unsuitable for small grow rooms.  They require much space to set-up and a way to expel heat produced by them. The compact size structure which small grow room owners can appropriately set-up comes with LED Grow Lights.
Following are the benefits of using LED Grow Lights.
·         Easy to handle and install
·         The compact structure of LED lights allows easy handling and installation. Just hang these lights above the plants at a certain distance.
·         They are economical in the long run. They can be used as long as 50,000 hours because they don’t require any service.
·         Better coverage can be achieved by placing LED lights side by side. Their compact size allows putting them in a suitable way conveniently.
·         As these lights don’t emit heat, therefore, no ventilation is required for them.
·         These lights don’t cover huge spaces because of their compact size.
·         They don’t require blast and only consumes half of the electricity as compared to the traditional lights.

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