Billy Caldwell suffers first seizure after cannabis oil confiscated

His 100 seizures a day stopped when he started the medicinal cannabis drops

Billy Caldwell whose medicinal cannabis oil was confiscated by the Tory government yesterday, has suffered his first seizure in 19 months.
The 12-year-old poster child for the fight to legalise the herbal medication, had missed four of the tiny doses prescribed to him in Toronto.

His mum Charlotte, 50, from Co Tyrone , travelled from Canada on Monday with Billy and openly declared the Tilray oil at Heathrow Airport.
But tearful custom's officers, under orders from Tory Policing minister Nick Hurd, confiscated the bottle which contained enough dosages for six months.

Charlotte Caldwell and her 12-year-old son Billy 

Just 12 hours later Billy suffered his first epileptic seizure in 19 months.
The 100 seizures he suffered daily before he was prescribed medicinal cannabis had stopped and the youngster had been living a normal life, able to attend school and even learning to swim.

But at 1.01am Billy suffered a telltale seizure associated with intractable epilepsy. He cannot come out of the fits himself and needs medicated to try to bring him around.
Charlotte said: "Thank God he survived the seizure but he could have another any moment and each one could kill him.

Charlotte and Billy 

"He would not be having seizures if he was on his oil. It was confiscated and his medication halted without warning or weaning and that is not medical protocol by any stretch of the imagination."

Today mum Charlotte and other family hope to meet government ministers again to urge them to return Billy's medication.
A spokesperson for the Home Office said on Sunday: “We are sympathetic to the difficult and rare situation that Billy and his family are faced with.
‘While we recognise that people with debilitating illnesses are looking to alleviate their symptoms, it is important that medicines are thoroughly tested to ensure they meet rigorous standards so that doctors and patients are assured of their efficacy, quality and safety.”

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