Cannabis Oil : Everything you need to know– Dosage Methods, Side Effects and Overdose

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I often get queries from people who are taking cannabis oil who are uncertain about the dosage. The two main extremes are folk who have been on a grain of rice once a day for three months but can’t understand why they aren’t seeing more results and others take too much to begin with and end up having unpleasant experiences.

Dosage is important. The idea behind the dosage amount is to get your body saturated with the oil as quickly as possible in order to see noticeable, speedy recoveries. The quicker you are able to get up to 1ml a day of oil, the quicker you begin to see the healing effects.
But everyone’s different. It doesn’t matter if you have used cannabis recreationally or not – everyone’s tolerance to the effects of cannabis oil is different and so it can take less than a month for some folk to achieve 1 ml a day and up to three months for others to get there. It’s important that everyone go at their own pace and not over or under dose themselves
Tip: Eat raw honey with the oil as it apparently helps your body to metabolize and absorb the THC and CBD’s more effectively and efficiently.


Blood Pressure Pills: If you are taking pills for high blood pressure, get your pressure checked regularly. The oil balances out your blood pressure and some people find they have to come off their blood pressure pills as they increase their cannabis oil dosage.
Blood Sugar Pills: Since cannabis has the potential to affect blood sugar levels, caution is advised when using medications that also effect blood sugar such as pharmaceuticals for diabetes.
Birth Control Pills: While more studies need to be done, there is a possibility that cannabis counteracts estrogen. Be cautious, or use an extra form of birth control, such as condoms, when consuming cannabis.
The following is a list of pharmaceuticals that have negative interactions with cannabis.
(The interesting thing is that the first three pharmaceuticals in this list can actually be replaced with cannabis instead of using both in tandem and risking increased side effects.)
Buprenorphine: Buprenorphine is an opioid that can be used to treat mild or chronic pain, or as a substance to help opioid addicts recover. Buprenorphine causes nervous central depression, so when combined with cannabis, side effects may cause respiratory distress, coma, or even death
Levonmethadyl acetate: Levomethadyl acetate is a synthetic opioid used to treat dependence on opioids. Using cannabis in tandem with levomethadyl acetate may lead to increased side effects such as drowsiness, dizziness, light-headedness, confusion, depression, low blood pressure, slow or shallow breathing, and impairment in thinking, judgment, and motor coordination. Sever reactions may result in coma or even death on some occasions.
Sodium Oxybate: Sodium oxybate is a prescription drug that is used to treat excessive daytime sleepiness (EDS), which is a condition associated with narcolepsy. Side effects related to mixing sodium oxybate with cannabis are similar to those listed for interactions between levomethadyl acetate and cannabis. There is a potential for increased side effects of levomethadyl acetate such as drowsiness, dizziness, light-headedness, confusion, depression, low blood pressure, slow or shallow breathing, and impairment in thinking, judgment, and motor coordination. Occasionally, severe reactions may result in coma and even death.

Different ways to get your dosage
  1. For severe, late stage cancer
This method is effective for people who are racing against time and need to begin seeing some results as a matter of urgency. This method is only sustainable if you are no longer working and are able to stay at home and sleep during the day.
Begin with taking a grain of rice sized dose of oil three times a day.
Every three to four days, double this dose. If doubling is too much – increase it as much as possible.
Keep doing this every three to four days until the dose becomes substantial, allow four to five days to increase the dose.
The benefits of this method
  • You quickly get up to 1 ml a day.
  • It’s very relaxing and you sleep a lot during the day and night which increases healing.
  • Your body has a continuous supply going through your blood stream throughout the day targeting mutated cells.
The Down Side
  • It can leave you feeling very drowsy and high and not able to get much done during the day. – including driving
2. A more moderate method
This is the method I used to cure my breast cancer as I couldn’t afford to be drowsy and high all day while caring for my toddler.
Begin by taking between a match head and a grain of rice size of oil just before bed. If you are working, double your dose over the weekend so that you are used to the dose by the time you start work on Monday.
It takes between 40 mins and 2 hours for the oil to kick in and the effect to start showing – I would recommend taking the oil and heading straight to bed as when the effects take hold, your mind can start working overtime and although you feel very relaxed, it can be hard to fall asleep.
Also, because you are taking a full dose in one singular go, it may take longer for you to adjust. Some people may only be able to increase their dose every two weeks.
The benefits of this method
  • You aren’t high during the day and so can function normally which makes it more sustainable to use.
  • If you don’t wait too long to go to bed after taking the oil you enjoy a great night’s sleep as cannabis oil has been shown to enhance your body’s ability to reach the deep state of sleep that is most beneficial for healing.
The Down Side
  • It leaves you feeling very drowsy in the morning as you are taking the full day’s dose in one go.
  • If you wake up during the night you can feel very wobbly and unstable after taking such a large singular dose.
  • It takes longer to get to 1ml a day.
3. For Pain Management
Take between a match head and a grain of rice sized dose before bed every night – increase this once a week until it’s a grain and a half sized dose.
Once you have been taking it at night for two weeks you can start taking between a match head and grain of rice size dose of oil when you are in pain. Allow 40 mins for it to take effect. If you are still in pain, take another match head more.
Once a week increase your dose until you are comfortable. Adjust this dose according to your requirements. If you are careful and take time to increase your tolerance, you need not feel high during the day.

The Benefits to this method
  • You are not only treating the pain but probably whatever is causing the pain.
  • Over time, as you learn to better manage your pain with the oil you can also start to come off other medications.
4. For long term illnesses
For people who are not terminal but who are suffering from diseases like Crohn’s Disease,  Lupus, etc.
Begin by taking a match head size of oil before bed.
After a week, increase this by half.
After two weeks increase it again until you are taking a grain and a half of rice sized dose.
Increase it again if you feel it is necessary.
(During the day, if you need to manage the pain, refer to method 3.)
Benefits of this method
  • You aren’t high during the day (unless managing pain)
  • You can build up your tolerance slowly
  • You eventually come off of most of your chronic meds.
5. Suppositories
Many people are severely affected by the  oil and have a very low tolerance for it. This makes getting yourself to the right dosage more challenging. However, there are ways around this.
Making the oil into a suppository is an excellent method – especially for people dealing with prostrate or colon issues but also for anyone battling to deal with the side effects of the oil – this is the way to go.
The link below gives excellent directions for making your own suppositories – you can use either concentrated oil mixed into coconut oil or you can use oil that has been made with coconut oil (mail me for this recipe:
Benefits of this Method
. You can take much more at a time without it affecting you so you can increase your dosage rapidly
Downsides of this Method
There is no downside to this method.
 Anxiety and Sensitivity to Side Effects
Some people find it harder to adapt to the effects of the oil than others. People who are using the oil to treat anxiety should also use this protocol as taking too much oil can aggravate anxiety.
If you are very sensitive and struggling to increase your dose then this method will be helpful. Dilute the concentrated oil into gently heated coconut oil- 1ml oil to 10 ml coconut oil. Once this is diluted, put it in the fridge to harden. Then take a small amount – a grain of rice size – at night. Once a week increase this by half until you are taking three or four rice grain sizes at night before bed.
If this is still too strong for you, dilute the oil more or take two weeks before increasing your dose.
What does taking the oil feel like?
  • A flushed feeling in the face – I think as a result of the increased blood flow to the brain.
  • Increased thirst – I think this is due to the detoxification process so make sure you drink WATER and not sugary crap!
  • A feeling of drowsiness and extreme relaxation.
  • Feeling a bit detached from your body.
  • Increased flow of thoughts and ideas
  • A general feeling of well-being and happiness
  • Increased hunger
How do you know you’ve taken too much?
  • Nausea and possibly vomiting
  • Dry mouth and intense thirst
  • Dizzy and very unstable and unbalanced and you may need the assistance of a wall or friend to walk
  • Possible Paranoia – a very real sense of fear or foreboding
  • Rare, but possibility of hallucinations
  • Heat feels like its beating out of your chest
What should you do if you’ve taken too much?
  • Remember no one has ever died from too much cannabis – Calm Down – you are going to be fine!
  • Take a big glass of water with you and go lie down until you feel better- it will pass in a few hours.
  • If you have to get up to go to the toilet or fetch more water remember to use the wall for balance or ask someone to help you – don’t underestimate how dizzy you might feel -this is especially important for frail and older people who can’t afford to fall and hurt themselves.
  • For people who suffer from the effects of paranoia, depending on the severity, it might be best to phone a trusted friend and not be alone during this time. Paranoia is a powerful psychological reaction that plays on your fears and insecurities and although it won’t physically harm you, it can be very unpleasant to have to go through alone. The same thing applies for hallucinations. In both cases, go to bed as soon as you can and try to sleep through it.

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