The DEA Just Approved Synthetic Marijuana For Medicine. Meanwhile, The Real Stuff Is Illegal…

The DEA have just highlighted their own hypocrisy.

The DEA have just approved synthetic marijuana as a ‘legal’ substance, while the real stuff remains illegal
Just how they can have made such an obviously hypocritical move really makes you wonder about their motives.

Marijuana, a plant which grows naturally and has been cultivated for thousands of years and has proven itself to beneficial for many medical conditions including cancer is treated with the utmost contempt.
The move by the DEA to make synthetic marijuana legal of course greatly benefits the pharmaceutical companies who have jumped on the bandwagon to sell this drug in a highly processed form since its health credentials became apparent.
Marijuana is classified as ‘Schedule I’ drug, in the same category as heroin
This category states the drug:
“with no currently accepted medical use and a high potential for abuse.”
But the studies prove otherwise, marijuana is not physically addictive, and so far in the history of its used, no-one has ever overdosed on it, in fact it’s virtually impossible.
The DEA have been clever in the way they have categorized these drugs, they have placed the power in the hands of the big corporations and made it easier for people who grow their own to be at risk of arrest and imprisonment.
They released a statement saying:
“[I]t should be noted as a preliminary matter that any form of dronabinol other than in an FDA-approved drug product remains a schedule I controlled substance, and those who handle such material remain subject to the regulatory controls, and administrative, civil, and criminal sanctions, applicable to schedule I controlled substances set forth in the CSA and DEA regulations.”
While medicinal marijuana has been accepted across the country as a real solution to many health problems, it looks like the government aren’t ready to relinquish their power of the grass-roots marijuana movement just yet.
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