Rick Simpson Takes On Big Pharma And ‘Rockefeller Medicine’

Medicinal cannabis activist and founder of Phoenix Tears, Rick Simpson.

MintPress editor in chief, Mnar Muhawesh, explains: Ronald Reagan’s “War on Drugs” demonized marijuana use in the 1980s. But that legacy is dying and medicinal cannabis is now at the center of a national dialogue about health, healing and drug law reform.

Twenty-three states have approved cannabis for medicinal use, yet some restrictive state laws make it difficult for patients with autoimmune diseases to access the most powerful form of cannabis medicine: CBD-rich pure cannabis oil.

Despite the legalization movement’s progress, the federal government continues to classify cannabis as a Schedule I drug — the same category as heroin and bath salts.
Yet research shows that cannabinoids can help treat the effects of a number of illnesses, ranging from epileptic seizures to Crohn’s disease to nausea brought on by chemotherapy.


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