Husband Shared Photo of His Wife Dying of Cancer So Facebook Suspended His Account


For a peaceful post about his wife's death from cancer, and the importance of getting screened, Facebook suspended a widower's account.


If ever you think Facebook is a haven for free speech and a place where people can freely share their peaceful information and thoughts, you need only browse through our archives to realize how much of a farce that is. Backing up this notion of arbitrary Facebook censorship is a recent post from Elliot Lowe about his now-deceased wife’s cancer and how it allegedly got his account suspended.
In this heart-wrenching post, Lowe described his late wife, Donna’s battle with cancer.
My wife (donna Lowe) was diagnosed with cervical cancer three days before Christmas, it wasn’t until the 10th of January 2017 after further tests and scans (PET Scan) that my wife’s consultant at Northampton General Hospital dealt us a further devastating blow that the cancer had already spread to her Lymph nodes in her pelvic area and as a result the cancer had been diagnosed as stage 4b.
Despite a very hard, but brutal fight against the cancer involving daily radiotherapy for six weeks and a chemotherapy session, a session which had to stop due to complications it was a diagnosis that was to claim her life.
He then went on to urge other women to make sure they undergo annual Cervical Screening which could’ve prevented his wife from dying had they found the cancer early enough.
I am sharing this with you today a year after her diagnosis to encourage everyone reading this to make sure that we take it upon ourselves to ensure that the special women in our lives in fact all women in our lives be they relatives or friends to attend their Cervical Screening (once called smears) and not to either miss them or forget to re-arrange.

My wonderful wife postponed her last Smear for reasons I can’t even remember, believe me I’ve tried to remember and there’s not a day goes by I wish I could swap places with her or wish I’d dragged her to the appointment and re-arranged it for her.
The post goes on to give some background information on the unfortunate and heartbreaking situation. At no time during the post did Lowe call for violence, advocate hate, or offend anyone in the least.
Because so many people identified with Lowe’s well-written post, it quickly went viral, sharing tens of thousands of times and getting tens of thousands of reactions. However, all that would come to a grinding halt when Lowe attempted to log into his account and was told that it was disabled.
“My Facebook account was suspended on Saturday morning due to what Facebook said was suspicious activity and as a security procedure,” Lowe told The Independent.
“I was requested to send another picture of myself to confirm my identity, which I did.
“Whilst my account was being reviewed no one was able to contact me or see my post.”
This practice of Facebook disabling accounts without giving a reason happens so frequently that there are dozens of blogs and forums devoted to it. This is nothing new.
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