How to Find Medical Marijuana Doctors in New York

TROY, N.Y. — It has been one year since New York State rolled out its medical marijuana program, but registered doctors and needy patients are still having trouble finding each other. A pair of Capital Region businessmen are helping to fix that.
John Norris and John Karling just recently co-founded their website called "Doctor Med Pot." The site lists doctors in New York who are certified to prescribe medical marijuana.
Prospective patients can use the website to search for the certified doctor closest to them.

"We cover not just the Capital Region," said Karling, "we do all of New York State, down into Manhattan. And we're looking to grow this into other states that have similar programs to what New York offers right now." 
The State Department of Health restricts access to the complete list of certified medical marijuana practitioners. But "Doctor Med Pot" already lists about half of the more than 800 providers statewide.
"The primary directive for the site," explained Norris, "is helping people bridge a gap that exists."

Providers can add themselves to the website's listing by visiting the website's "Get Listed" page.

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