High Times Cannabis Cup, the smoky festival turns 30 in Amsterdam!

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Direction Amsterdam, where many things are possible! And as cannabis is a bit of a religion in the city, we invite you to (re) discover the High Times Cannabis Cup , the festival organized by the High Times magazine which takes place annually in the Netherlands , from November 19 to 22, 2017 ! 
An opportunity for lovers of the weed to test all varieties of cannabis , and thus to perpetuate the tradition made in Amsterdam !

So it's a smokiest program at the Melkweg , the famous Dutch concert hall. The first edition of this must-attend event took place in Amsterdam in 1987 , and since then has been a great success. And this year, it looks heavy! The High Times returns to Amsterdam for its 30th anniversary with an Anniversary Celebration.

In an atmosphere of road trip hashisché, the public will be propelled into the world of cannabis, where are rewarded the best varieties of weed, thanks to judges chosen from the public to test the merchandise. 

You will be able to transform yourself into real expert cannabis and to judge the best cannabis sativa, cannabis indica, Dutch hashish, import hashish, derivative products (vaporizers, chillums, etc.) ... It's not the class that?

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