More than 40 years ago, in 1974, President Nixon was in the middle of a fight against drugs. Supposedly, his administration funded a research at Medical College of Virginia whose purpose was to prove that cannabis negatively effects human immune system, and destroy brain cells.

Opposing to the expected results, it was found, in tests performed on rats, that cannabis destroys cancer cells, not healthy ones. Therefore, the research was suspended and the funding cut. All of the papers related to the research were destroyed in 1976, and President G. Ford stopped all of the research currently being done on cannabis, except for Big Pharma’s attempts to create artificial THC.
Medical College of Virginia applied for research grants that should have been used for further cannabis research in 1996, as well as in 2006. They were denied both times. When they came out with the results in 1974, no one was interested.
The papers couldn’t be found, even when researchers from Madrid tried to get them in 2000. Dr. Manuel Guzman, the lead researcher from Spain, said: “I am aware of the existence of that research. In fact, I have attempted many times to obtain the journal article on the original investigation, but it has proven impossible”.
The Madrid research came to a staggering conclusion, proving that cannabis reduces brain cancer tumor in rats, and also that healthy rats suffered no consequences from cannabis use. Again, this research was ignored by the mainstream media.

There are currently two hospitals in Israel doing successful clinical studies on humans with cannabis, and the project is funded by the government of Israel. Our media is not reporting on that either.

Consumption of cannabis in cancer treatment is getting more and more popular. From children to 80-year-old people, there are remission stories on every step. Patients use it mostly in a form of oil, or vaping. Smoking is the least effective way in treating cancer with cannabis.
There is a famous example of a baby being cured with cannabis oil, in just eight months. It was introduced on a pacifier, and the baby wasn’t subjected to any invasive interventions.

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