Big Pharma Propaganda: Fake Study Shows Smoking Cannabis Increases Violent behavior

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Big Pharma Propaganda:
A new study on cannabis has found that users with mental illness present an increased risk of violent behaviour. 
The research conducted by the Institut en Santé Mentale de Montréal (Montreal Institute of Menal Health), studied 1,136 patients – from 18 to 40 years of age – with mental illnesses who had been seen five times during the year after discharge.

And while previous research has already shown a link between cannabis and aggressive behaviour, this new study found that users who continued to smoke at each follow-up appointment increased their risk of violence by 144 per cent. 
The results also confirm the detrimental role of chronic cannabis use in patients with mental illness, with data proving a stronger association between cannabis use and violence than that associated with alcohol or cocaine. 
While researchers say cannabis should therefore be considered as an indicator of future violent behaviour in patients who leave psychiatric care, they do insist that the aggression will fade over time. 
“This decrease could be explained by better adherence to treatment (the patient becomes more involved in their treatment over time) and by better support from their entourage.
"Even though we observed that violent behaviour tended to decrease during follow-up periods, the association remained statistically significant,” said Dr Alexandre Dumais, a psychiatrist at the Institut Philippe Pinel.
The results also show that there is no reciprocal relationship between the two - that is, the use of cannabis resulted in future violent behaviour and not the reverse.
With a recent meta-analysis of neuroimaging studies demonstrating that chronic cannabis users have deficits in the prefrontal cortex – a part of the brain that inhibits impulsive behaviour – these results play an important role in offering information to young adults who can then evaluate the risks of cannabis before deciding whether or not to use it. 
These results are important because they offer additional information to young adults, who can evaluate the risks of cannabis before deciding whether or not to use it.

Image result for big pharma propaganda against medical Marijuana Legalization
Now we put a big slap on Big Pharma propaganda to show the real benefits of cannabis smoking everyday.There are countless benefits but here we show you only just 7 benefits which was publish in Last year in march.

Anti-drug activists think that a few puffs on a joint will turn you into a red-eyed, unemployed psychopath – probably for life.

But is marijuana actually that bad for you?

With several American states having decriminalised the herb for personal use, scientists have suddenly had the chance to see what cannabis actually does on a mass scale.

And guess what? Cannabis actually has some VERY surprising health benefits. Here’s a few.

1) Smoking weed makes you thinner – or at least less likely to be obese

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You might not think it after you’ve watched a munchie-struck stoner devour an entire KFC family bucket in one go, but dope smokers are less likely to be obese.
A study in the journal Obesity found that regular weed smokers are less likely to be obese than non-smokers.
The researchers from Conference of Quebec University Health Centers looked at 700 adults aged 18-74 – and found that cannabis users tend to have low body mass index scores (often taken as a sign of good health).
People with low BMIs tend to have less body fats and tend to be at lower risk for diabetes.

2) Marijuana can actually improve lung function

Human lungs, illustration

Smoking weed isn’t actually that bad for your lungs, and smokers actually have improved lung function when compared to both cigarette smokers – and people who have never smoked either.
The researchers, writing in the Journal of the American Medical Association, say that the big drags taken by weed smokers may actually ‘train’ lungs to be more efficient.

3) It can increase creativity

5 surprising health benefits of smoking weed

A 2012 study in Consciousness and Cognition found that marijuana made people more creative – at least in terms of how well they used language.
The researchers said, ‘We investigated the effects of cannabis smoked naturalistically on schizotypy and divergent thinking, a measure of creativity.
‘One hundred and sixty cannabis users were tested on 1 day when sober and another day when intoxicated with cannabis.
‘Cannabis increased verbal fluency in low creatives to the same level as that of high creatives.’

4) Weed can help athletes perform better


Gordy Megroz of Outside conducted his own study after noting the number of athletes who credit marijuana use for increased performance and recovery.

And however unscientific you deem his little self-experiment to be, he found that he performed better on the treadmill and was less sore after a heavy squat session.

‘I do a heavy squat session while high, which would normally leave me sore for two days, but I’m surprisingly fresh 24 hours later,’ he wrote.

‘Even when not stoned, other aches and pains seem to dissipate, too.

‘Studies have shown that the drug has an anti-inflammatory effect, which is one reason why medical marijuana is so prevalent.’

Because of marijuana’s illegality in most places, hard research is still hard to come by.

5) Cannabis can kill cancer cells

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In what could be a key moment for advocates of legal cannabis, the U.S. government has admitted that the drug can shrink cancer cells.

In a page of official government advice, the U.S. government now says,, ‘Cannabis has been shown to kill cancer cells in the laboratory.’

The site says that the effect has so far been seen in rodent studies, and cautions,  ‘At this time, there is not enough evidence to recommend that patients inhale or ingest Cannabis as a treatment for cancer-related symptoms or side effects of cancer therapy.’

Cancer Research UK warns patients that so far, there is no evidence that cannabis extracts can be used as a treatment. 

6) It’s a far safer alternative to alcohol – in fact, it’s 114 times safer


Cannabis could actually be the safest drug available, after a study found it is actually 114 times less deadly than alcohol, according to the journal, Scientific Reports.

The reports‘ authors studied the effects of alcohol, heroin, cocaine, tobacco, ecstasy, crystal meth and cannabis.

7) Smoking weed can help you give up heroin

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Smoking weed helps patients give up opiates such as heroin, a new study has found.
Researchers at Columbia University monitored patients undergoing treatment for opiate addiction – and found that patients who smoked weed were more able to sleep, less anxious, and more likely to complete their course.

The researchers also found that dosing patients with dronabinol – a drug consisting of the ‘active’ ingredient in cannabis, THC – helped with withdrawal symptoms.

High Times also points out that opiate-related deaths have dropped in American states which have legalised the recreational use of marijuana.

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