Parkinson’s Sufferer Shows What Vaping Cannabis Does To His Condition

An incredible video made by a man suffering from early onset Parkinson’s Disease demonstrates the ‘considerable’ effects medicinal marijuana have on his symptoms.

Ian Frizell, 55, was diagnosed with the affliction back in 2011, but has seen his symptoms gradually worsen since the mid-90’s.
In the short video, he shows what a massive difference just a small dose of medicinal cannabis can have on his tremors.

Ian explains that had to undergo deep brain stimulation surgery earlier in the year, which helps mask the symptoms of Parkinson’s before he switched off his DBS device to show how bad his tremors get.
He explains:
It’s now 20 minutes since I self-medicated with approximately 30mg of marijuana, which is just a small pinch, taken using a vaporiser. And you can see that my tremor has calmed down significantly. In fact, it’s almost completely under control. The sense of relief is overwhelming.

The two main political parties have long talked down the possibility of legalising marijuana for medicinal purposes, but this tide has been somewhat turning in recent months.
A survey earlier in the year found that more than half of MP’s think cannabis should be legalised for medical purposes, including Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn.
A major inquiry earlier this month by MP’s and peers also came to the conclusion that cannabis should be legalised in the UK for medical use.
They believe that the current refusal to recognise the medical value of cannabis is ‘irrational’ and called for an end to the criminalisation of hundreds of thousands of people who use the drug to relieve pain.

Whether all this talk from MP’s will be backed up by action from the Tory government is a whole other matter. 

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