Cannabis Is The Next Miracle Treatment For Antibiotic-Resistant Diseases

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Antibiotic drugs were first discovered in 1928 and subsequently revolutionized the world of healthcare.

Approaching almost a century later, things gave changed dramatically.
According to the CDC, half of all the antibiotic prescriptions in the US today are totally unnecessary. The effects of that over-prescription are extremely serious.

The World Health Organization states that common bacteria are evolving against common medications to become potential world-enders.
The resulting fact is that nearly 2 million Americans suffer from antibiotic-resistant bacterial infections every year. 
23,000 people die. This number will almost certainly rise as bacteria becomes more and more resistant.
But wait, there is a solution!…
Cannabis: The Miracle Treatment For Antibiotic Overuse
A collaboration between British and Italian researchers showed that marijuana has the potential to fight some of the world’s most deadly antibiotic-resistant bacteria.

Cannabis oil was tested against six of the most common super-bacteria. In every single case, the herb was able to battle the bacteria with more efficiency than any man-made medicine. 
Researchers believe cannabis was actually developed by nature for this very purpose.
“Everything points towards these compounds having been evolved by the plants as antimicrobial defenses that specifically target bacterial cells,” said Simon Gibbons, one of the researchers.
The cannabis was most effective when applied topically.
“What this means is, we could use fiber hemp plants that have no use as recreational drugs to cheaply and easily produce potent antibiotics,” said Giovanni Appendino, another researcher involved in the study.
When Will World Governments Finally Listen?
Cannabis is still classified as a ‘Schedule I’ controlled substance in the same bracket as heroin, LSD and ecstasy. 
According to the DEA, it has “no currently accepted medical use.” 
What the hell is wrong with these people?
Despite so many studies and evident proof of just how powerful cannabis can be in the field of medicine, it is still considered a dangerous drug.

Of course, that’s not entirely surprising since many of the medications that cannabis could replace rake in billions of dollars per year.
Antibiotics alone bring in more than $40 billion U.S. annually.
Imagine the sort of disruption that would occur if that figure was drastically lowered thanks to a “green” alternative. But time is quickly revealing that we’re running out of options. Eventually, the system will need to be disrupted.

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