Diabetes & Cannabis - Alleviating Symptoms With Cannabis Holy Anointing Oil!

In my research on natural cures for diabetes I came across a very interesting application for cannabis in the form of an oil. Some people believe that this is the original holy anointing oil recipe found in the bible.

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Medical Cannabis vs Medical Corruption

I have previously written a post about my father's diabetic condition and research showing that diabetes can be healed with diet. I now want to share another interesting natural application to help diabetics.
Although I am not a cannabis user I know many people around the world who use it in various preparations for healing. Their first hand accounts along with a growing number of countries such as Australia legalising medical usage of the plant has convinced me that it must have medicinal value.
My own participation in corrupting the medical industry outlined in this post showed me that our medical industry is corrupt. It is obvious that this huge industry has a massive financial incentive to lobby for keeping healing plants we can grow at home illegal and to restrict the dissemination of information on natural healing!
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What Is Holy Anointing Oil?

The bible makes several references to meals and food stuffs but gives very few direct recipes. However in Exodus 30:23-24 the recipe for holy anointing oil is given to Moses. The traditional holy anointing oil recipe is:
  • Myrrh Essential Oil - 500 shekels
  • Cassia Essential Oil - 500 shekels
  • Cinnamon Essential Oil - 250 shekels
  • Calamus Essential Oil – 250 shekels and
  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil - 1 hin
To put this in a modern context 1 hin is approximately 1 gallon and 500 Shekels is about 12.5 lbs. I am sure that this oil can be proportionately reduced to make a smaller amount.

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Where Is The Cannabis?

Astute readers will already have noticed that the recipe above does not contain any cannabis. Proponents of cannabis in holy anointing oil believe that the there was a mistranslation with the word clamus from Hebrew. They believe that the accurate translation is keneh bosem which means cannabis.
Perhaps this makes sense because calamus has been shown in studies to cause organ damage and intestinal tumours because Acorus calamus contains β-asarone, which is toxic and a known carcinogen.
The 12.5 lbs of calamus listed in the recipe for holy anointing oil would yield a toxic product where as this amount of cannabis would yield a very powerful and effective medicinal cannabis oil.
If this is the case it is worth us looking at all the other times that holy anointing oil is used in the Bible!
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Contemporary Uses Of Holy Anointing Oil Made With Cannabis

Here is a video of Reverend Tom Brown using his Holy Anointing Cannabis Oil to heal the impacts of diabetes on Jack Herer the author of The Emperor Wears No Clothes. Several other researchers have claimed similar success with this oil.
Medicinal products made from cannabis are now recognised for their power in many parts of the world. There is even a good case to be made that we knew about these products historically.

However it is worth mentioning here that cannabis is still highly illegal in many parts of the world and can carry severe legal penalties for cultivation or use. Don't take unnecessary risks with your liberty!
Although my father suffers from the same appalling effects that all diabetics have in his legs he was not interested in trying this potential cure. This was not surprising as he was also not interested in changing his diet to heal his diabetes.
I would be very interested to hear from any of you have experience with this treatment!
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Further information on cannabis cures can be found here:

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