Cannabis/Hemp Is The Most Useful Herb On Earth. You'll Never Think About Cannabis The Same Again After Reading This: (over 700 links to studies and research) Part 1

The World Is Waking Up!

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If people knew these facts about hemp and cannabis they would never support their government's decision to outlaw it, and in fact, many people have already learned a lot of the info in this article, which is why many states and countries are legalizing cannabis recently. Both hemp and cannabis have so many uses it's nearly impossible to list them all, but ill try. The government wants you to fear this plant.

Why you might ask?

Well, if we follow the money we can paint a pretty clear picture. Because cannabis has so many uses it can put a lot of big corporations out of business. It's so easy and cheap to grow we wouldn't have to rely on multinational corporations and their sub-par products. Big corporations own governments and therefore will always outlaw anything that puts their profit or power at risk.

Example A: Cannabis / Hemp


Hemp For Houses
more information on the possibilities for using hemp in construction

House of Hemp
the story of a house built with hemp materials in Ontario


More Links For Hemp Research:

A Quick Guide to Hemp
an introduction to the many uses of hemp

The Emperor Wears no Clothes
A researched full text of the book that helped start the modern hemp revolution. 1985

Industrial Hemp - an alternative to our problems?
an excellent article on the uses of hemp from a British progressive business magazine

North American Industrial Hemp Council
information about industrial hemp from an agricultural association

Basic Uses of Industrial Hemp: Food, Fuel, Fiber
description of the basic uses of hemp from a hemp trade association

Food and Agriculture: Hemp$department/deptdocs.nsf/all/crop761
an overview of agricultural hemp from the Alberta Government

Hemp: A New Crop with New Uses for North America
a chapter from an academic agriculture book reviewing the various uses for industrial hemp

History and Benefits of Hemp
a summary of the uses and background history of hemp

Nutty Hemp a Hot Food Trend
a news story about the growing popularity of hemp foods

Hemp Seed: The most Nutritionally Complete Food Source in the World
information on the health benefits of eating hempseed

Hemp Seeds
more information on dietary hempseed

Micronutrient Information Center: Essential Fatty Acids
an overview of the importance of essential fatty acids (EFAs) in the body

Are You Getting Enough Essential Fatty Acids?
an article on EFAs aimed at vegetarians

Efficacy of Dietary Hempseed Oil in Patients with Atopic Dermatitis

results of a Finnish scientific study that showed dietary hemp oil improved symptoms of contact dermatitis

Hemp as a Nutreceutical for Animals
the benefits of feeding hemp to pets and livestock

Carp Passion: Hemp
an article from a British fishing website about using hempseed as bait

Hemp Body Care Benefits
the benefits of using hemp in skin, hair, and other body care products
the story of a hemp-fueled car that toured North America raising awareness about biofuels

Hemp Plastic
more information about hemp based alternatives to plastic

USA Hemp Museum
extensive information about the history of and modern uses for hemp

America's Harried Hemp History
an article on the history of hemp in America from colonial times to today

Hemp: Beyond Peak Oil
information about hemp's uses and the history of prohibition from a site about the impact of the decline of fossil fuels

Hemp for Victory
the 1942 American Government film designed to encourage farmers to grow more hemp to help the war effort

Hemp Grows With Technological Advances:

Plant replacing petroleum-based products for varied industrial uses
an article from a business magazine about the exponential growth of hemp in the financial marketplace and trends for the future.
That's a whole lot of info and links to digest. The topic of cannabis is not to be taken lightly. There's a reason why this plant is illegal and it has nothing to do with protecting you. This isn't even all the information and studies available for hemp and cannabis, because it's illegal still in many places, it makes it aweful hard to study it completely. From what we do know however, with the limited research we have done is that Cannabis has the potential to replace thousands of products and medications but is purposefully not utilised so corporations can make more money.

"If lemons were as useful as cannabis they would be illegal too."

So What's The Solution?


Hemp seeds are super cheap... maybe instead of begging for permission we should just overgrow the system... 😉 I for one am sick of being "protected" from a fucking plant and not just any plant, literally the most useful plant on Earth, and maybe even the Universe. Thoughts?

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Make sure to check out part 2 of this article. I had to break it up because I reached the post text limit listing all the endless benefits and uses of this amazing plant.

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