One Of The Latest Studies Proves:How The Oral Use Of Cannabis Can Be Amazingly Helpful in Treating Leukemia and Various Cancer Types

 Teenage Girl Uses Cannabis To Treat Leukemia & Great Results Were Seen  Doctors Publish Case Study

One of the latest studies proves how the oral use of cannabis in the form of ‘hemp oil’ can be amazingly helpful in treating leukemia and various cancer types. A young teenage girl diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia and Philadelphia chromosome mutation was subject to this study. 

The girl received the regular acute and aggressive chemotherapy treatments, and she also had bone marrow transplants. None of these treatments gave the results expected, so her family decided to look for other alternatives. Their research stopped when hemp oil was introduced to them as a possible cure.

This case and the treatment were followed by two doctors from Toronto, Yadvinder Singh, MD and Chamandeep Bali, ND.

The results were amazing! The patient’s condition improved drastically, regarding her blast cell counts -- immature cells found in the bone marrow that never stop maturing. This causes problems with the blood cell counts and sometimes results in different types of blood cancer, such as Leukemia.

Even though the young girl died, her death was a result to the standard chemotherapy treatment which had devastating effect on her body.

The Department of Hematology/Oncology at SickKids Hospital wrote a report, explaining the following:

€˜At admission her total WBC was 1.4, hemoglobin was 82, platelet count 8,000. She was profoundly neutropenic a prior history of pancolitis documented by CT scan in March 2009 was neutropenic colitis with perforation her abdomen was distended and obviously had some signs of diffuse peritonitis. The abdomen X-ray was in favour a perforationshe passed away at 10:05 in the present (sic) of family'.

Hemp oil had no toxic effects on the patient, and despite the psychosomatic properties it caused, the girl’s condition improved amazingly and the cannabinoids actually controlled the blast cell counts.

€œIt goes without saying that much more research and, even more importantly, phase clinical trials need to be implemented to determine the benefits of such therapies. Laboratory analysis is critical to figure out the constituents/profiles/ratios of the vast cannabis strains that show the most favored properties for exerting possible anticancer effects.€

We have largely discussed the use of hemp oil as a possible cure for cancer, and this case and all the evidence it provides only add to the fact that the public should really know more about the cannabinoids as an effective anti-cancer therapy, supported by serious studies that are yet to be conducted. We are all well aware that the current methods are really non-effective and toxic, and these therapies can not help a patient without leaving any side-effects.


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