Confession of a Doctor Who Drank Cannabis Oil: I Had Cancer, Cannabis Oil Brought My Life Back

Confession of a Doctor Who Drank Cannabis Oil: I Had Cancer, Cannabis Oil Brought My Life Back

I have never smoked a single joint in my life and I am an opponent of all drugs. Classical medicine is my calling. However, when I faced lung cancer I tried everything€, says the doctor. He claims to be cured by cannabis oil. 

The fifty-year old doctor from Serbia had been detected with lung cancer with metastasis to the lymph nodes 6 months ago. Stage two of three. He began to use cannabis oil. He now fully supports the opportunity to legalize marijuana for medical purposes. 

€œColleagues immediately did everything to help me. Diagnosis and biopsy were done within seven days. After the initial shock, I decided to go into battle against a very awkward opponent€. 

As an advocate of classical medicine, he began to go to chemotherapy and had to have over five cycles. €œAll possible alternatives were included . I used a variety of preparations, drops, syrup monastery I have heard of the cannabis oil, but because its usage is prohibited by the law and is punishable, it was difficult to procure and to convince the seller that I am not a provocateur, €œsays P.B. 

Before he started therapy he was unsure whether the therapy will work or not. €œThe symptoms I feel when I use cannabis oil is  a dry mouth and sometimes mild transient feeling of head floating€, explains P.B. 

The recent findings of his lungs are stunning. €œAfter only three months of cannabis oil usage the cancer is reduced, and the last finding of scanner is good. My radiologist is delighted. I told my oncologist that I use cannabis oil, and  he only shrugged and told me to use everything that I think can help me€, says P.B. 

There are many controversies  in the world about the use of marijuana. €œThere is solid evidence that marijuana helps, but I support the continuation of experimentation with cannabis in order to find the best solution for patients,€ said recently Dr. Cat Arni, famous physician who deals with the examination of the tumor.

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