U.S. Government Confirms Marijuana Kills Cancer Cells, It's About Time!


The US government admits that marijuana has cancer-curing qualities.

After years of avoiding and wilfully ignoring clinical trials into the efficacy of marijuana as a medicinal substance, the US government now seemed to have changed their tune.

The National Cancer Institute, which is part of the US Department of Health has added page to their official website espousing the benefits of marijuana as an effective treatment for certain forms of cancer. The new advice suggests that marijuana does not only act as a valuable anti-anxiety and stress relief medicine for cancer patients but that it can also function effectively as an anti-tumour and anti-viral agent. The website also makes reference to recent studies which have shown that (in the context of a laboratory setting) medical marijuana can destroy the cancer cells which are associated with brain tumours.

The website also tells patients all of the ways that they might administer medical marijuana saying that it may be smoked, eaten in baked products, drunk in herbal teas and sprayed under the tongue using purpose built marijuana aerosols.

The US Department of Health has also said that the benefits of marijuana are not confined solely to cancer patients and that the drug has been shown to reduce the painful spasms experienced by those suffering from multiple sclerosis.

Campaigners and medical researchers have welcomed the news of the government’s relaxation on medical marijuana and are optimistic that this is the beginning of a new attitude towards the drug for medical purposes. In the United States, various ‘morality’ campaigns have stemmed the flow of information of the benefits of marijuana for medical use for many years. These groups and individuals have argued that the promotion of any drug for medicinal purposes could send out an immoral message to the public about the acceptability of drug use. However, now that the American government is prepared to admit the benefits of marijuana after so many years of squeamish denials there is hope that the rest of the western world will begin to follow suit, especially those countries which are less socially conservative than the United States of America.

Medical researchers have also suggested that this might open a new line in medical experimentation with other drugs that have previously been off-limits for the same political reasons. Recent studies have demonstrated that LSD and magic mushrooms can be incredibly effective treatments against depression, which is one of the most common illnesses worldwide.

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  1. Now let's look at the efficacy of the Iboga (Ibogaine) plant in curing/attenuating the pangs of various addictions; to include PTSD...

  2. Now let's look at the efficacy of the Iboga (Ibogaine) plant in curing/attenuating the pangs of various addictions; to include PTSD...