Part Two:Cannabis Shrinks Aggressive Brain Tumors – MRI Evidence of 3 Recent Case Studies

Part Two – The Clinical Cases

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The Teen Who Beat Terminal Brain Cancer
mmj nnIn part one I highlighted the carefully hidden facts that cancers are at pandemic proportions throughout the world. And for the worst cancers the cure rates have not changed in 40 years. Now let’s look at some anecdotal case reports of cannabis cures that have provided imaging studies.
At the risk of butting heads with the “evidence-based” naysayers of medical marijuana we have the case of Alysa Erwin, a fourteen year old diagnosed with terminal brain cancer in 2011. The grim diagnosis was Grade III anaplastic astrocytoma, an inoperable cancer of the brain with at best a 25% survival rate over five years. In reality her doctors told her she had two years to live, no more.
Do to the nature of the cell line the tumor spreads out like a crab with “legs” reaching deep into critical brain structures making it impossible to surgically remove. This leaves the patient with chemo or radiation as the only alternatives. They are not cures either.

Prompted by her father’s research into Rick Simpson Oil (RSO), a special preparation of cannabis oil, he suggested she try it. At first she opted for conventional chemo with Temodar but after five agonizing days she was so sick it was abandoned in favor of RSO.
With the very first dose of RSO Alysa’s mood and appetite greatly improved. Over the course of the first year she increased her dose from 1.5 ml per day, quickly upping it to three milliliters per day maintenance dose.
Note: the usual cancer-killing dose of RSO is a gram per day which roughly comes out to be a cubic centimeter or milliliter. One needs to take this for at least three-four months or until the tumors are gone. The dose is usually something like taking sixty grams of RSO over ninety days.
As you can see below, the first set of images are the MRI results showing the tumor involvement in the posterior fossa (back of the head). The tumors appear as a lighter grey at the bottom portion of each image.
Below is a magnified image from a 2012 MRI clearly showing massive tumor involvement and a 2013 MRI showing her to be tumor free.


Below is the follow up MRI showing her to be in remission.


Sadly, after 18 months of being in remission Alysa’s cancer returned in the summer of 2014. Apparently she reduced the dose of RSO as recommended but it may have been too great of a reduction. There are also reports that the family couldn’t afford RSO at some times. It suggests that there were periods of time when she was not taking anything.
What happened? It looks like there is a post-tumor phase where the RSO is still actively killing on a microscopic level long after the gross appearance of the neoplasms have vanished. How much is needed during this period? How long do patients need to continue taking RSO after the gross evidence of cancer has disappeared? Nobody knows for sure.
This is exactly why we need more carefully controlled studies.
As before she started taking full-strength RSO again. A November 2014 MRI verified the RSO was working with a decrease in tumor size. This is hugely important because it shows a re-challenge effect suggesting that the RSO is indeed an anticancer compound.
I tried to find out how Alysa was doing in 2015 but I was not able to find much useful information on her status. Her normal blogs have no 2015 entries and links no longer function. She still has a Face Book page but without anything helpful regarding her current status. I fear for the worst.
Even if she has succumbed to her cancer the simple fact that she was able to eradicate one of the most aggressive and deadly brain cancers that exists is phenomenal all by itself. This alone should prompt an intense investigation into using RSO for all children with astrocytomas period.

Case Two – Eight Month Old Baby
Below is another similar type of brain cancer cured with RSO. This time it’s an eight-month-old baby. Seen below is the MRI evidence.
                                     Cannabis Oil Brain Tumor Remission by Jeffrey Dach MD:
Dr. William Courtney was interviewed by the Huffington Post and talked about an 8 month old baby suffering from a malignant brain tumor (see MRI images above).
The parents declined conventional treatment with chemotherapy, and used cannabis oil (medical marijuana) instead. Miraculously, after two months of cannabis oil, the MRI scan showed dramatic improvement. “They were putting cannabinoid oil on the baby’s pacifier twice a day, increasing the dose… And within two months there was a dramatic reduction.”
The initial MRI scan at the upper left frame showed typical features of an inoperable brain tumor, with features of a “butterfly glioma” with invasion of the corpus callosum and spread across the midline, At 2 months, the follow up MRI scan shows regression of tumor, and at 4 and 8 months the scans show complete clearing, and are totally clean.
This is Highly Significant
Butterfly malignant gliomas are highly aggressive tumors, and poorly responsive to conventional chemotherapy and radiation treatment. I can tell you this type of response is never seen with conventional treatment. In my opinion this type of response is highly significant.
Dr Courtney says: “The child is a miracle baby…. we should be insisting this is frontline therapy for all children before using medications that have horrific long term side effects. (such as chemo).”[ref]( 10/10/2015[/ref]
Other Related ‘Cures’ From the Use of Cannabis Oil – 23-year-old Kristina Marie
Kristina Marie diagnosed at age 23 (2013) with glioblastoma stage II. Below is her preop MRI scan showing a huge left sided (your right) brain tumor in 2013.
mri 5

mri 6

MRI (above) after six months of “hemp” oil. Incidentally, Kristina was also suffering from up to 20 (petite mal) seizures per day while taking the anti-seizure medication Keppra. After starting hemp oil she was able to control the seizures without medication. In the beginning she had terrible headaches, vomiting and nausea from the tumor and the medication. Eventually she was able to rid herself of all drugs while taking only hemp oil. Please note that she refers to her medication as hemp oil which is actually cannabis oil often referred to as RSO.
A recent Oct 2015 video shows that she is doing well.
Sharon Kelly

mri 7

Above is Sharon Kelly’s image of her Jan 17 PET scan (taken from YouTube) showing the left sided five centimeter mass in her chest consistent with lung cancer.

After 7 months on RSO (started in Feb) we see the third of September image showing no tumors in the chest. This is particularly interesting because she did much of the dosing (starting in June of that year) per rectum. Dose ½ cc of RSO mixed with coconut oil which resulted in no psychoactive effects but it still shrunk her tumors very effectively. She received chemo with her treatments. The rectal route may turn out to be an alternate method of application for those who cannot tolerate the psychoactive effects.

mri 8

In the above PET scan image we can see that she is entirely tumor free.

In summary I have provided cases where a tincture of marijuana seems to be a miraculous tumor-shrinking drug. This effect is seen in the most destructive and deadly cancers in existence. I highlighted astrocytomas because of their aggressiveness but I also included a case showing that stage four non-small cell lung cancer, equally as deadly, can also be safely treated using cannabis oil.
Results like these are frequently reported on YouTube and elsewhere. Based on positive results with animals GW Pharmaceuticals has plans to establish phase 1b/2a clinical trials using their proprietary Sativex which is a 1:1 mixture of THC:CBD in treating GBM. The results of this trial are pending.

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