Mixture Of Cannabis and Coconut Oil Is A Powerful Natural Remedy Against Cancer Cells

About cannabis:

Cannabis is a flower which is mainly found and grown in central Asia and Indian sub-continent. It have different types of species.

It contains fiber which is very healthy and good for human body.

This herb is mainly used for making medicines and drugs and also used in different types of oil.
It is also known as marijuana. It was very famous in many ancient cultures.

Researches prove that marijuana is very beneficial in many diseases such as illness, any type of pains, AIDS or even killing in cancer cells.

Most of the patients witnessed the relief after using cannabis drugs and it is also very less toxic as compare to other different drugs.

Cancer patients revealed that they have witnessed a huge improvement in pain after using this herb. Many scientists who are working on this herb revealed that this herb should be the lifeline of the patients who are suffering with serious cancer stages and it will also very beneficial for any kind of chemotherapy diseases.

Coconut oil:

Coconut oil is enriched with a lot of nutritious vitamins and minerals it is very healthy for human body and contains almost 50 percent of lauric acid which is very useful in killing cancer cells.

It is very useful if used both outside and inside of the human body. It can fight kidney infections, cancer, measles and many others.

Cannabis coconut oil mixture:

Here we are sharing a recipe of coconut oil and cannabis.

It will be a magical mixture if mixed together.


  • 1 liter water
  • 50 grams cannabis
  • 250 ml coconut oil

Melt coconut oil with low heat and add water in it also add cannabis in it and cook for one hour. Then strain the mixture and throw cannabis plant from liquid. Now cool this liquid in fridge and use it after cooling down.

This is one of the best herbs liquid to use in cancer. It is very healthy for cancer patients and can kill cancer cells in few days.

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