Ex-Big Pharma Exec Ditches Mainstream Medicine For Medical Marijuana

Should we be surprised to discover that an executive for one of the Big Pharma companies has turned in his animal testing smock in favor.of a smoking jacket?

New Medicine for Medical Marijuana

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I would not be surprised if the following case becomes the status quo for many other executives for Big Pharma companies. If the profit is what they seek, they will go where the money is.

It's not like they have made their products affordable for the average consumer.

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In fact, American citizens are charged exorbitant prices for medicines which could (and should) be made readily available for those in need – not just those with deep pockets or the right insurance.  
John Stewart used to run the company responsible for OxyContin. In 2013, Stewart left Perdue Pharma and is now cofounder of Emblem, a medical marijuana company based in Ontario, Canada.
Very interesting considering that medical marijuana is responsible for the drastic decrease in prescriptions for opioid drugs such as OxyContin. Marijuana has put a deep gouge in the profits made off of said opioids.

This is the kind of information the American public should hear! If Johnny “Perdue Pot Man” Stewart  has been part of Big Pharma as an executive, he knows – better than most – what the true data states. It would be hard to imagine that an executive would be unaware of the findings.

On the contrary, Stewart actually acknowledges that he has seen the benefit of mefical marijuana.
Let me make sure I got this correct… one of the same “people” (I refrain from using a more colorful metaphor) responsible for making the lives of millions of people miserable – whether through overpriced remedies or bullying over marijuana – is co-founder of a MEDICAL MARIJUANA COMPANY!?

Seriously, there should be a law against that. At the very least, it should be more widely known than it is. There should be questions answered and rules changed.

If Old Man Stewart is doing a flip flop on such a fundamental point of the Big Pharma Agenda, what else is there to know?

It has long been speculated that the sole purpose behind Big Pharma’s staunch opposition to marijuana legalization is the effect.it will have on its profits.

He tippytoed around his decision touting “social disruption” due to opiod use.

In 2014, close to 2 million people were addicted to prescription pain medication. Between 1999 and 2012, accidental overdose deaths quadrupled. Drug overdose begame the leading cause of death in some areas.

Stewart claims that his time at Perdue introduced him to some research in early therapeutic cannabis studies. Although these studies never brought about any medical benefit, it did spark his interest in finding better ways to deliver the medical benefits of marijuana to patients.

Ergo… Emblem.


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Although Stewart claims to be more interested in the pharmaceutical side of Emblem, the company is still poised to be a part of the future.of Canadian recreational use as well.

Stewart says he wants to focus on the strains of the plants and the dosing. Delivery methods such as sprays, gelcaps, patches, and pills are all on his radar for research. His interest is purely the medicinal side – which does not exist according to Big Pharma.

Ok, so, once again… why is Big Pharma fighting so hard to prevent legalization? It is all about the green with them.

No, not the natural green beauties which have been heinously labeled with erroneous “facts” for nigh on decades.


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The reason Big Pharma is against marijuana is the huge amount of profit lost by acknowledging its medical benefit.

Think about it. Chemical medicines are time and money intensive. Marijuana can be grown by just about anyone with the ability to read a book.

Marijuana and hemp both have been given a bum wrap for years. The depth and scope of their true beneficiality is yet to be seen.

John Stewart sees it. He sees it, acknowledges it, and did the ever-so-subtle One Finger Salute to Big Pharma.

As an executive, one can imagine he was making a fairly decent wage from his time behind the Big Pharma Bars of Denial.

One can also safely assume that he is well aware of what benefits are possible. If he didn’t, why throw in his lot with the “enemy” of his previous employer? I can’t imagine that going well for a good work reference.  

It is already proven fact that the marijuana industry is going to be profitable for those involved. I would not be tormenting poor innocent animals in the name of research, when I can get them high AF instead. I cannot blame Stewart for making this move. In fact, I applaud him, sort of.

He took a road less traveled and is now helping to blaze new trails for future marijuana connoisseurs to follow.

However, he was still one of the asshats trying to prevent recognition and legalization. If he wants to get into our good graces, I think he should come clean to the American public about what he knows to be true about the Big Pharma Agenda.

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