My little boy needs his Daddy.   It’s been 2 years since my diagnosis and I’ve had 2 rounds of chemo (4 to 5 months long) and surgery, which was of limited success.  I’ve been on cannabis oil since June, and I've just got my latest scan results and the remaining mass is stable, no growth in the last 5 months !!!"  The hope is the residual mass is just scar tissue, but they're not sure. My next scan is  in 6 months.
"Thank you so so much to everybody else here that supports each other. Cannabis kills cancer ”


It’s a good news day.  In March of this year,  Corrie was contacted by a woman whose dad was suffering from Bile-Duct Carcinoma. He was ruled terminal (due to die), he was miserable.  He was hospitalized for weeks with jaundice.  Then he started taking cannabis oil, and things started to point in the right direction. :

Now we are celebrating now we got the scan results. The tumor can't be seen and his blood work has come back normal.  He can live his life normally.  There really are miracles out there. 

tumors jaundice and the bile duct cancer


An 18 month old girl, Cheyenne was diagnosed in early 2014.  Cheyenne’s parents received the terrible news that there was nothing more that could be done for their baby.  The family was told to take her home, as the Neuroblastoma had won.  With nothing left to lose, Mom reached out to a friend who recommended cannabis oil.  She started and today, this beautiful little princess is winning the battle, and has lived to see her fourth birthday and is getting stronger and  stronger, when she was supposed to be dead..


A 5 Year Old was facing leg amputation at the hip as a result of complications from radiation. .  After treatment with oil the parents said, Oh My God, cannabis medicine is so amazing..
"My 5 yr old granddaughter went through chemotherapy (photon radiation) for 13 months.  She is NED after a year of chemo- NED is No Evidence of Disease."is the best news possible from scan results . We were given the news because of radiation damage to the bone, being brittle (fracture won't heal) - they want to amputate from the hip down. I read an article about Tel Aviv University, where CBD oil was used strengthens bone damage."
The mother found a doctor that recommended medical marijuana for the condition.  The oil was high both in CBD and THC. After 4 weeks on the oil, mom reports;
“Omg. The fracture healed. She is still weak above knee and the growth plate is not good, but the  doctor was shocked.  I never told the doctor about the CBD.  And the healing continues.  I am crying, I'm so happy. I tell you once again CANNABIS KILLS, CANCER.CANNABIS HEALS!!"

Monica had recurrent ovarian cancer. She started on cannabis oil early September, but she only took it once a day.   She went for her surgery yesterday to cut out tumors, but after they looked, her tumors had shrunk and they peeled off easily.  We are all so grateful and thrilled.  Thank you so much for telling us about this miracle oil. 

symptoms of ovarian cancer


There were high levels of PSA, but with cannabis oil use, they dropped dramatically.
My dad is doing extremely well now, his PSA levels for his prostate dropped from 37 to 4 in three weeks - after the oil oil therapy. He will have a scan in about a month, so we are aggressively using the oil and hoping we hit a homerun a clear scan.  I can’t express how grateful we are for your recommendation for cannabis oil.


My tumors are disappearing after I took cannabis oil.   We went to see the oncologist to get the results of a CAT scan, and there was no visible tumor on his colon anymore, it is gone, gone, gone!.  There were  4 spots on his liver, now three are gone completely, and the one remaining has shrunk by 50%.  There is nothing to see in his lymph nodes.  He has done five chemo treatments, but the real improvements came, we think with the cannabis oil.  But we also used nutritional supplements recommended by a Naturopath.  Whatever the actual cause, we're celebrating with tears of gratitude.  

treatment of autism, epilepsy and cancer


Lorraine, was sent home.  They say that she shocked the shit out of her doctors when they found that she was cancer free.  Lorraine had a horrible, aggressive form of cancer.  Worse, she had suffered a stroke and her doctors gave up on her really.  Their only advice was to go home and make the best of it, (until she died).
Instead of waiting to die, we went full steam ahead on cannabis oil and like a miracle, she was cancer free.  


The doctors were thrilled when oncology results came in.  They were totally amazed, because where there once was cancer, nothing remained. Her cancer was classified as a type of skin cancer, but as far as the lymph nodes went,  the CT scan showed that the oversized nodes were shrinking. Their doctor said that he is sold on cannabis oil. They said she is a completely different person.  

Chemo Iranian


I lost my mom to MS, my father, three aunts and two uncles to cancer.  It was the chemotherapy that killed my dad.  I'm sure.  On his deathbed, we spoke about the probability that I too would get cancer and die, like everyone else in the family. My father made me promise never to have chemo and die like him. Today, I have no cancer, I take cannabis oil, I am healthy.  I am so sad that my family never benefitted, I am sad that the doctors never knew about marijuana medicine, but I am so grateful that at least I have benefitted and can share my story with others.


A distraught man consulted a medical doctor; he recommended cannabis oil to his wife that had lung cancer, stage 3, non-small cell. Surgery was not an option.
The husband couldn't stop crying, but it's not because his wife died, she survived and is fit as a fiddle now.   Simply taking cannabis oil religiously was all it took.  This week they received her cancer exam results and there are no existing tumors and no scarring. The doctor was gob smacked and said there is nothing to see! Nothing!  Going to the pub now for a drink!!

BRAIN TUMOR  Anaplastic Ependymoma

At the age of only 18 months he was diagnosed with a rare form of brain and spinal cancer. They were able to operate and remove it, but chemo was still required to remove the residual cancer.  Survival rates were lower, but if my baby survived, it was supposedly better in the long term.  After the first round of chemo, it broke my heart.  Then I found out about cannabis oil and after a short stint, there was no more cancer on the tests.  We were jumping for joy.  The oncologist asked if he could share the story, and of course we agree, he should share, especially with the other medical doctors who have no clue about what a miracle cure this is.

Update.  "The doctors told us almost 3 years ago that he had 16 months! OMG Corrie, thank you so much for pointing us in the right direction. I don’t think he would be here otherwise ! You are truly an angel & every scan we have, I always think, thank god I found you and cannabis oil! Hugs."

Brain Tumor Illustration

The original diagnosis was Anaplastic Grade 3 Pligodendroglioma which is a type of brain tumour.
He was given sixteen months to live.  Unfortunately, we did not find out about cannabis oil until later, so we went ahead with traditional treatment, which did not go very well at all.  It was a write off situation where we were told nothing else could be done.
After going on the cannabis oil, the headaches went away and things are getting better.  We're not out of the woods yet, but we can definitely see some light.   Our mood has gone from grim to hope.  Thank you so much for recommending cannabis oil.
"Update:  Brain Cancer No Longer Active, and Shrinking."

I have breast cancer.  I had a double mastectomy 4 yrs ago, but it came back into my liver, bones, lung and ovary. I started taking cannabis oil for several months, and the tumor on the ovary is gone, the one on the liver has one or two small spots which don't concern the doctors.  The tumours on my lung are gone and the only progression was on my spine. The doctor said I need surgery, which involved cement and rods.
I really felt this was all wrong and consulted my GP and radiologist.  It turned out is was just a MS flare up.  Not long after I was able to walk for hours without a cane without much pain at all.  My eyesight has improved as well.  I thank God for this oil.

I have great news to share with you.  I am exploding and can't wait to say that my daughter's blood work showed that the cancer is no longer active.  Her condition is very good and the doctor's are shaking their heads.  No one could believe that she survived this aggressive cancer.  After being bed ridden, she can stand, and talk, and soon enough she started playing with friends!    The tumor is shrivelling, and its down to 25% of its original size, that is 1/4.  We're all in tears about this wonderful, miracle recovery and can't give enough thanks for recommending cannabis oil to us.  
Update: “We did increase the dosage for the oil and baby began to do more and more activities and much less sleeping. She's been a different girl now. There is no more crying from pain, no more seizures. Ana plays and laughs. She has gone back to school. To the eyes, you would never know she was on her deathbed. God sent to us this gift and I can’t find our way to tell you how we are appreciating your recommendations." 

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