One of the main uses for medical cannabis is for the relief of pain. Yet, period pains are not widely recognized as benefiting from its use. We thought it a matter worth investigating.

Many medical cannabis users know first-hand the effectiveness of using cannabis for the relief of pain. In fact, it is often the preferred choice of patients who want an alternative to chemical drugs and their unwanted side-effects. With this in mind, one may wonder why it should take so long for certain ailments to make it on the list of approved conditions for medical marijuana. Menstrual cramps, also known as period pain, is just one such condition that is not yet widely recognised as benefiting from the pain managing effects of cannabis – but if you ask a woman who smokes weed whether it helps, you will likely find that say it does.
Despite the fact cannabis use for period pain is not widely recognised by modern society, cannabis has a long history of being used for the treatment of this ailment. In the 19th century, cannabis was commonly used to treat menstrual cramps. The Royal physician, Sir Joshua Reynolds, even prescribed her Majesty Queen Victoria of England cannabis for cramps in the 1890’s.
Yet, for some reason, modern medical literature doesn’t mention the use of cannabis for the treatment of this ailment at all.


There is controversy among medical experts whether cannabis can actively prevent cramps per se, but there is evidence to suggest that it can help women deal with the pain associated with it – both scientific and anecdotal. Even if cannabis does not work as a pain blocker, it can reduce awareness of the pain. Cannabis, moreover, has the effect of relaxing muscles, which may be causing the cramps in the first place.


New Jersey, one of the US states that strictly limits marijuana programs, is now considering adding menstrual cramps to the list of its approved conditions. Assemblyman Tim Eustace has introduced new legislation this past April, inspired by new products produced by Whoopi Goldberg and Maya Elisabeth.

Cannabis Period Pains

The comedian and actor has recently announced her own official line of medical marijuana healthcare products for an all-female market. In a partnership with edibles maker Maya Elisabeth, the company will offer cannabis salves and edibles under the “Whoopi & Maya” brand. The products aim at helping relieve the pain of menstrual cramps.

“When I asked whether there was medicinal cannabis out there to give relief to women with cramps, I was told that would be a ‘niche’ product,” Whoopi Goldberg said to the press. “We’re here for that niche, which is made up of half the population.”
One reason why medical marijuana had been overlooked for the treatment of period pain and cramps is that men normally outnumber women in surveys. It was assumed that not many females are medical marijuana users. Thanks to the new public awareness and the addition of menstrual cramps to the list of approved medical cannabis conditions, we can expect even more knowledge to spread, and more women to successfully treat these conditions with medical cannabis.

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