6 Mental Illnesses that can be Managed with Medical Marijuana

While there are many different pharmaceuticals out there that are made to help with mental illness, it seems that sometimes these medications do not work the way they were intended to – or they end up having nasty side effects that can be worse than the original condition!

For each mental illness out there you will find multiple man-made drugs that are supposed to help “balance” people and the chemicals in their brain. Unfortunately side effects from drugs like this can commonly include hallucinations, depersonalization, psychosis, heart attack, stroke, suicidal intentions and even sudden death.

Here is some insight on 6 mental illnesses doctors are treating with medical marijuana.


It’s probably a no-brainer that marijuana would be a great medicine for insomnia as one of the common side effects is sleepiness. Most often an indica strain is perfect for those looking for natural relief to their insomnia. It is a much safer alternative compared to other sleep aid options that pose the risk of becoming dependent on them and can easily cause overdose.


Medical marijuana is now being found to be a great way to try and treat depression – though doctors are just now realizing this and putting it on paper, some people have been self-medicating for depression for years with marijuana. The plants calming and euphoria inducing effects are perfect for those suffering from depression.


The calming and euphoric effects that help to treat depression can also help to treat anxiety. While it is true that some strains may cause paranoia that is a different type of paranoia (generally, that goes something like this “Oh my God, that guy knows I’m so high…” for most people at least…), most of the time people find a lot of stress relief and therefore able to relax and feel less anxious… Which leads us to the next illness…


A very specific form of anxiety, PTSD is often found in war veterans. PTSD is caused by a terrifying or traumatic event that either caused or threatened great physical harm. Unfortunately, medical cannabis is not yet available to everyone with PTSD who would benefit – but the studies are there and cannabis can help!


It may seem farfetched, but it’s true – a study done in Germany has determined that CBD can be beneficial for those who suffer from schizophrenia. While THC (the psychoactive chemical in marijuana) can potentially increase psychosis in schizophrenics, the calming and stress reducing side effects of CBD seem to make a marked and noticeable difference and is much safer than alternative medications.

Bi-Polar Disorder

Bi-Polar Disorder is probably one of the most common mental illnesses and it has been around probably as long as we have. For many people, cannabis is the best way for them to treat their disorder. It seems that THC and CBDs calming effects can actually help with mood stability and can this effect can last for hours after the initial high has worn off.

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