Martin Kemp reveals his wedding cake was made of CANNABIS and his guests ‘got stoned’… and admits


Martin Kemp reveals his wedding cake was made of CANNABIS and his guests ‘got stoned’… and admits his wife Shirlie invited George Michael on the couple’s first date

The Let It Shine judge opens up his friendship with the Wham! singer and falling in love with Shirlie ahead of Valentine's Day
LET It Shine judge Martin Kemp admits his wedding cake was made of cannabis and the guests got stoned.
The Spandau Ballet musician married fellow pop star Shirlie Holliman in 1988.
Martin said the traditional three-tier cake someone made for them left everyone high as a kite.

Martin Kemp and Shirlie
Martin Kemp and Shirlie Holliman will have been married for 30 years in 2018

He and Shirlie, of duo Pepsi & Shirlie, had returned home to celebrate with family and friends after a secret ceremony in St Lucia.

Martin, 55, recalled: “Somebody had made this wedding cake.

Martin Kemp and Shirlie
Martin says he fell in love with Shirlie when he saw her performing with Wham! on Top Of The Pops

“It was beautiful, like one of those old-fashioned three-tier things with a big old base on it and with ribbons hanging off and columns.
“There was a man and woman at the top and it was traditional but somebody else had made it… the whole thing was made of dope.
“The whole thing was a space cake. People were walking around my house off their faces.
“It went on for hours and hours.
“But I’ll tell you something, it was the only cake where we had adults queuing up to take a bit home.”

Martin Kemp and George Michael
The Let It Shine judge managed to get a date with Shirlie… but ended up third wheeling when she bought along her best friend George Michael

Spandau Ballet heartthrob Martin met Shirlie, 54, in 1982 when she appeared on TV’s Top of the Pops with Wham! as a backing vocalist.
Next year the pair will celebrate their 30th wedding anniversary, yet their long-lasting romance was nearly scuppered at the start — by her good friend George Michael.
Martin, 55, says: “The first time I saw Shirlie she was on Top Of The Pops and she was doing the Wham Rap.
“She had this long white dress on and I fell in love on the TV.
“The only time that happened to me before was when I fell in love with Cilla Black.”
The Spandau bassist managed to engineer a first date with Shirlie, who performed with Helen “Pepsi” DeMacque in the Eighties.
But the last thing he expected was her to bring along a third wheel when they went clubbing in London.
He says: “As I walked to Camden Palace, the worst thing happened. She was with her mate . . .  but her mate was George Michael.
“I spent all night trying to get rid of him, but it all worked out.
“We went out for several years and then we decided to get married.”

Martin Kemp and Shirlie
The couple married in secret in St Lucia after a few years of dating in 1988

Not only did he find true love that night but he also became great friends with George, and is still reeling from the singer’s untimely death on Christmas Day.
Martin, Shirlie, 54, and their children — Capital FM DJ Roman, 24, and photographer Harley, 27 — had been planning to spend Boxing Day with George before they got the shocking news.
He tweeted: “My whole family and I are devastated at the loss of our beautiful friend Yog! We will miss him so much! We are all heartbroken!”

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Although Martin was part of the New Romantics movement, he has never been one for roses, chocolates and soppy messages.
He says: “I am not a big romantic. Me and Shirlie never go out of our way, Valentine’s for us is not a big deal. We are not that couple like ‘I have to do something romantic for you to prove myself’.

“For Shirlie and I we love each other dearly and you have to try and show that every day.
"For me that is romance and it is about being the best of friends.”

Martin Kemp and Shirlie
The couple later had a party to celebrate with friends and family when they returned... but it wasn't entirely traditional
Martin Kemp and Shirlie
In lieu of your average wedding cake, Martin and Shirlie had a space cake made with marijuana
Martin with Harley and Roman
Martin with daughter Harley, now 28, and son Roman, now 24 at a Harry Potter premiere in London

When Spandau split up in 1990, in a row over royalties, Martin turned to acting.
He appeared in the 1990 film The Krays alongside his older brother and former bandmate Gary, 57, and was the villainous Steve Owen in EastEnders for four years.

Spandau Ballet
Martin acheived fame in the 1980s when he joined his brother Gary's band Spandau Ballet

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