A Base Treatment Regimen for Cancer

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You're here because you or someone you love has been diagnosed with cancer and you're hoping Concentrated Cannabis Oil is your "magic bullet." No one here is going to tell you that we're going to cure you of cancer. That possibility lies squarely in your own hands and under your control. We can tell you that CCO kills cancer cells. We know that by the standard of being cancer-free for five years or longer, the numbers of survivors using CCO is growing exponentially. We won't call it a "magic bullet", but we will say that Concentrated Cannabis Oil is a powerful medicine for treating cancer. 

We know that your body is wonderfully equipped with its own Endocannabinoid system, evolved to create an atmosphere of homeostasis where cancer is a non-issue. We know that when you're sick or stressed, often your body can't produce enough natural cannabinoids to convince tumor cells to let themselves die for the good of the community, and that's where Concentrated Cannabis Oil comes into play. The cannabinoids you introduce will perfectly mirror the action of the ones your stressed body can't produce fast enough. Now you potentially have enough cannabinoids to attach to the extra receptors on the tumor cells. It's a numbers game, like much else in life. Thankfully we have a way to get those numbers back on your side. 

You notice I said "potentially". You can dump all the cannabinoids you want into your system, but if you don't bother to make sure your body can get easy access to them you're pretty much spitting into the wind, wasting valuable resources, energy and emotion. "Bioavailability". Our word for the day. If you're going to invest all this time and energy into the attempt, give your body the best opportunity to make use of the medication. 

The two chief considerations we'll be touching on as we go forward are:

1: Taking your proper doses more frequently maintains a more even level of cannabinoids working on your behalf. 

2: Creating a state of "Competitive Inhibition" - med speak for "keeping the enzymes in the liver busy so they don't notice the hoard of cannabinoids sliding by them seeking out cancer cells" - will greatly increase your body's chances of utilizing this medication. 

We'll also be exploring and explaining the latest exciting findings in the field of oncology by those actively researching CCO and its use as an aggressive medication in cancer treatment, and doing our very best to help you connect to organizations that can be more active in the real world, beyond this digital field that limits us. You're going to benefit from the physical presence of those caring souls with boots on the ground that can now be found within most communities. 

Cajun has laid out the regimen he and others are following as they work to bring their own bodies back into homeostasis. You'll notice it's much more than simply using oil. Healing is an all-inclusive adventure. He doesn't mention it, but laughter is an equally important component. Make sure you get your daily dose. Hugs where you can grab them. They're a healing force all their own. 

We know it's scary. Don't be afraid to ask anything. Knowledge is power. If we don't have your answer, we'll move heaven and earth to find someone who can speak with authority. It's what we're here for. 

Alright. Let's get to work. 


This method is not meant to replace anyone's current successful protocol. 

Dietary Considerations: 
1:Follow the alkaline diet guidelines. This makes a hostile environment in the body helping prevent illness and disease. 

2:Organic everything if at all possible.

Activate Cannaboid Receptors: 
1:Include demethylating agents such as green tea. These protect the CB1 receptors from shutdown due to methylation. 

2:Phenols, Phenylpropanoids and essential oils can clean cell receptors. 

3:Grapefruit juice cleans and clears the cannabinoid receptors. Mangos will be used for pre-dosing to avoid the“Grapefruit Affect” since I have heart medications that will have interactions with grapefruit.

Competitive Inhibition Considerations: 
1:Ingest apigenin and amentoflavone supplements 30–40 minutes before dosing to provide the liver       enzyzmes “busy work” so the cannabinoids are metabolized away slower.
 2:Do not ingest coconut oil or other fats 30–40 minutes before dosing so the medicine can target the liver.

Carrier Oil Considerations: Since I am targeting the liver via anal ingestion of a portion of the doses I will be using coconut oil. Coconut Oil is a Medium Chained Fatty Acid. MCFAs are absorbed directly from the intestines into the portal vein and sent straight to the liver. 

Producing the Cannabis Oils: Make cannabis oils accordlingly. Since I am targeting my liver my carrier oil of choice will be coconut oil. 

Dosing Considerations: The object is to ingest a minimum of 1g of cannabis oil on a daily basis. If you're not accustomed to THC in the system, start with a very low dose of 25 mg 3 times a day. I will double the dosage to 50 mg after 5 maybe 6 days. I will try to double the dosage to100 mg 4 times a day in 4 to 5 days. From that time forward I hope to double the dosage every 4 days until I have reached a daily dosage that is at least 1 g of cannabis oils.

Dosage Administration: When the dosages reach 100 mg/dose, the dosages will be administered as 25% oral and 75% anal which will be deeply inserted to the rectum as to hit the hepatic portal vein to quickly move the oils to the liver.

Pre-Dosage Preparation: 30–40minutes before dosage: 
80 mg Apinenin
200mg Amentoflavone(Ginko Baloba,Amentomax)
1 Mango cup

I have achieved my treatment goal within 2 months with this protocol.

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