76% Of Doctors Approve Use of Medical Marijuana

According to a survey made in 2013, 76% of polled physicians said that they will prescribe cannabis to their patients, if it was legalized. It is already known that 61% of Americans want marijuana to be legalized, but the surprising fact is that in the 2013 survey, doctors also supported the use of medicinal marijuana. Even the researchers were surprised from the results of this survey. These results were published in the journal “New England Journal of Medicine” on 30th of May in 2013. Over 1400 doctors from 72 countries and 56 different states, including physicians from North America’s provinces were polled in the survey. 118 of them, commented their decision on this survey.
medical marijuana
Marijuana is the world’s most commonly used illegal drug in the US. According to a survey made by “National Survey on Drug Use and Health” in 2008, over 15 million people smoked marijuana only 7 days before they were surveyed, and 75% of all drug users used marijuana. As there are many studies published about the medicinal properties of marijuana, the decision to use this drug loose its stigma. It is beneficial for mood enhancement, pain relief, and increases appetite to patients who are using it medicinally.

The health benefits from it doesn’t end there. However, the National Institute on Drug Abuse said that even if there are benefits from marijuana, it’s not enough for the drug get Food and Drug Administration approval. After that was said, the District of Columbia and other 19 states allowed to people to possess marijuana prescribed by a doctor. Alaska, Washington, Colorado, and Oregon are the first states that legalized marijuana for recreational use.
Some of the surveyed doctors commented their decision to prescribe this drug to their patients who are suffering. They said that there are dangers from the painkillers and narcotics. 

However, a professor of psychiatry at the Mayo Clinic (Rochester) said that marijuana should be legalized, because there are no 100% in medicine. There are many anecdotal evidences about something that we should study more deeply. He also said that we should research the components of marijuana, which are beneficial for patients.

Source: TrueActivist

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