5 Ways To Use Cannabis Without Smoking It

Maybe you are tired of smoking the usual joints and spliffs of weed or hash, or perhaps you can't toke a blunt due to lung problems. Whether you fancy a fun experiment or need a new method to medicate with marijuana we've got 5 cool ways to use cannabis to share with you.


We all know the health risks associated with smoking tobacco but smoking weed can also be a bother for some, for others blazing up is just not their bag, no problem. The 21st-century stoner has the luxury of choice when it comes to consuming cannabis. And what a range of choices we have.

We’ve compiled 5 of the best ways to use cannabis without smoking it with something for every kind of marijuana user from medicinal to recreational and those that just fancy trying something different to the same old weed or hash spliffs.


Thinking with your gut can steer you clear of all kinds of trouble, the Navy SEALS always follow their gut instincts and stoners should too. Cannabis edibles have come a long way since the days of crude homemade brownies that no matter how much chocolate was added still tasted strongly of marijuana.
These days cannabis edibles are big business and gourmet treats from calorie-laden sweet sweet cookies to uber healthy granola are common to most cannabis clubs, Coffeeshops and dispensaries.
If you are wary of the kitchen hygiene of the local Hippie Baker, you best stick with the professionally produced cannabis cakes and confectionary, or make some yourself.
A whole host of cannabis teas, coffees and juices can also be found in most well-stocked canna-businesses. Of course, you can make your own too; all you really need is some marijuana and hot water. OK, there’s more to it than that, but those are the two essential ingredients.
All over the world, local cannabis infused delights are to be found. Amongst the most delicious is Bhang Lassi which is a sort of healthy marijuana milkshake popular on the Indian Subcontinent. Probably best you don’t attempt this one at home unless your cannabis cuisines answer to Jamie Oliver.
Another more common culinary essential that is easier to find or even make yourself is cannabis butter or canna-butter; this product is the easiest method to incorporate cannabis into your cooking. Naturally, if you eat or drink your cannabis you need to adjust the dose and be patient to feel the effects.
Beginners are advised to nibble a canna-cookie and see how they feel in an hour. Beware overdoing it with edibles can lead to an overwhelming high that lasts for hours and/or renders one beyond couchlocked, more accurately as the old Irish saying goes “away with the fairies”.
Cannabis Cookies


Vaporizers are the most efficient and versatile modern stoner must have device. Every kind of cannabis user can enhance their stash simply by vaping it rather than smoking it.
That’s right by switching to a vaporizer most experts and studies agree it’s at least twice as effective when it comes to THC extraction as smoking a conventional joint.
Versatility is what you get when you invest in a high-quality vaporizer. Sure they come in all shapes and sizes but the best vaporizers can handle all kinds of cannabis from buds to concentrates and every gooey thing in between.
Medicinal users benefit greatly from the 95% smoke reduction associated with vaping and the swifter relief vaping CBD buds and extracts brings as opposed to edibles delayed effects.
Grasshopper Vape Pen


Cannabis tinctures are making a big comeback, especially in the medical cannabis market. The history of tinctures and cannabis plants goes back thousands of years with rudimentary cannabis tinctures probably being man's first medical marijuana extract.

Today the cannabis tincture has been refined to an art form and tinctures are experiencing a 21st renaissance. CBD tinctures are becoming a global cannabis commodity and THC tinctures with fruity flavours are hugely popular amongst North American recreational users.

Sublingual or in ordinary stoner speak “dropped under the tongue” application of cannabis tinctures facilitates rapid absorption directly into the blood-stream rather than the GI tract in 20 minutes or less. Dialling in the right dose can be tricky so take it easy the first time.
CBD Oil Organic
Cannabis balm, cream, lotion, topical ointment and even massage oil have gone mainstream and are no longer confined to alternative medicine. Everything from everyday boo-boos to serious illnesses can be treated or at least soothed by the latest canna-creams.
The unique selling point for medical cannabis topically applied skincare products is that they do not produce any psychoactive effects. For the medicinal user that needs to keep their feet on the ground but requires relief cannabis ointments are the natural medicine of choice.
CBD Cosmetics


For the recreational user that wants to get sky high right away! We recommend you indulge in a dab of your favourite concentrate. Most reputable cannabis establishments or half decent smoke dens will have quite a few sticky extracts on the menu and suitable kit for dabbers.
Cannabis concentrates are booming; BHO, Shatter, Wax, Ice Hash, Rosin and many other high potency extracts can be essentially vaporized with a dabbing rig and a torch lighter. This makes for one hell of a hit, but that’s the point when it comes to dabbing. Definitely not for the faint of heart nor newbie’s.
It’s probably advisable to invest in some of the cannabis creams we talked about earlier too if you’re going to get seriously into dabbing.
Dabbing is a really fun, if somewhat crude way to get baked in 60 seconds but transporting a dabbing rig and a welding kit is impractical so keep your dabbing kit at home, next to the first aid kit if your clumsy.
You really don’t have to smoke joints or spliffs if you want to get high or medical relief and these days it’s never been easier. Cannabis is evolving from contraband to commodity. In 2017 us stoners can have our cannabis infused cake and eat it.

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