Yes, You Can Relax with Fibromyalgia

Yes, You Can Relax with Fibromyalgia

Robin Dix

Having fibromyalgia or any chronic illness has its stressors, both physical and emotional. I have discovered ways to help me relax and de-stress to a certain point. If you have ways that help you de-stress and relax, please share them in the comments section so others can benefit, too.

Deep breathing

If you are prone to anxiety, deep breathing helps to calm you. One way to do this is to place your hand on your belly (so you can feel your lungs filling up), breathe in through your nose to the count of five, hold, breathe out to the through your mouth to the count of six. Start out by doing this for two or three minutes and work your way up to 10 to 20 minutes a day.

Essential oils

Aromatherapy appears to be helpful in many ways. Here are some good oils for relaxation:
Lavender can be put on your wrist pulse points, used it in your bath, and put on your pillow to help you sleep better.
Rose is great for relieving anxiety and depression, panic attacks, grief, and shock. You can put it in a foot bath while you soak and inhale its relaxing properties.
Vetiver has a tranquil and calming energy. It’s one of the best for anxiety.
Ylang ylang has been shown to help with cheerfulness, courage, optimism, and can even soothe fearfulness. It may also calm nervous palpitations and can help with insomnia.
Bergamot is calming and has been used to treat depression by providing energy. It can also help with insomnia.

Uplifting music

Some people enjoy classical music, some just the sounds of nature. I enjoy worship music. Whatever helps you to relax and feel a sense of joy is what you should listen to. It’s good to indulge in whatever brings you happiness.


It’s so great to unwind and clear your head. You don’t have to walk far or for very long. You know what your body can handle. This is not walking fast to exercise. It’s a slow enjoyable amble to take in the scenery and relax. Take a camera or your smartphone to capture shots of nature.


It’s not for everyone, but praying helps me stay grounded, brings peace, and keeps me connected to God and His purpose and plans for my life. Praying for others keeps me from doing too much navel gazing, and really makes me feel blessed. In the same way, meditation also works to slow your heart rate and helps you feel more peaceful.


An example of this is that applying pressure to the fleshy skin between your thumb and index finger helps you to relax. The website is a great place to learn more about pressure points, what acupressure is, and discover some informative books. You can also drip cool water on your wrists to help you relax.


This really is good medicine. Spend time with people who make you laugh. Watch a good comedy. Smile — it really can change your mood. Watch videos of babies giggling on YouTube — they get me every time.
I would love for you to share what you do to relax. It could help others as well as me.


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