Petition:Legalize Medical Marijuana For Fibromyalgia Patients

Chronic Fybromalgia is normally founded by Neurologist in patients that are near a Citizen age. Four years ago I was one of the youngest diagnosed experiencing chronic nerve damage (fatigued, diagestive issues, spasms, faint, panic attacks, or extreme black outs that caused me to end up in the ER). Being prescribed with Lyrica took a chemical toll that led to serious depresion, weight bloating, and suicidal anxiety. I was then placed on Anti Depressant (cymbolta) to out weigh the depression that Lyrica occured. However; I just could not mentally control my mind and by that in time without realizing it, 

(i had lost respect through uncontrolable behavior and emotions). Not only did I lose friends, co-workers and family who couldn't support the behavior changes. I had also lost a great amount of hair from chemical changes; imbalances that had a bad impact in my career and personal life). After 8 months of expensive tretments at $400 a month, as a student and leasing agent, I just could not go through the cons any longer. I took my self off the chemicals and began smoking herbs. Learning of it's natural THC levels, I had to learn the amount needed to decrease the pain, yet still able to fumction. I soon became an active artist, finished my degree is child developmental psychology, and my career life took off with promotions. 
The down side that many are unaware of, is that the Fibromyalgia pain and symptoms are a weekly to daily change. The consistency of chronic nerve damage hits different parts of the body along with extreme neck pain, eye sensitivty to light, body is sensitive to touch. From the past 4 years, 2 of those years I had quit smoking to have a healthy son and did not experience any fibromyalgia symptoms during pregrency, until 6 months after my pregnancy. I started experiencing symptoms again. I had been an off an on smoker of herbals, in hopes that We can find a cure naturally, medically legal. In the experimental process I have regained mental and physical strength, less tension, I am happier and playful with my son and family. I am feeling completely normal without the tension, sensativity, fatigueness, and neck and body aches. I have done much better in my career life without the thought of having to file for social security benefits and being out from work at this young age. My highest concern about fibromyalgia is that it's not been tested to be heriditory and I've witnessed my 2 year old son's nerves react in ways that I have experienced. My position in this petition is against chemical based medical "help" for fibromyalgia patients. To make medical marijuana legal for those who NEED it on a daily basis, to better their life and to FEEL life is worth living for. Sincerly Samaira Truss

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Update #2

Thank you for your support. We are up in the 60's Nation Wide. All new sign ups are needed to reach 1000. I really enjoy the feedback and personal stories, thank you for your support and sharing. I have copied this link and encourage my supporters to add in LinkedIn, Tweeter, My Space, Facebook and any Blogs that you enjoy discussing. XoXo Sami.

Update #1
we are moving UP but we still need more signers. Share this post on your blogs, timelines, tweeter...send it as a text. Thank you Love Always XoXo Sami

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