21 Excellent Reasons Why You Should Smoke More Weed At Christmas

Why should you smoke more weed at Christmas? Well, yes. Not only does getting high chill you out, but it also makes everything a trillion times better. Not to mention, the holidays can be a stressful time and nothing eases stress better than ganja. From awkward family dinners to admiring all of the colorful lights, here are 21 reasons why you should smoke more weed at Christmas.

1. Christmas cookies are a million times more delicious

Of course, Christmas cookies are amazing. But have you ever had one while high? If not, then prepare to eat about fifty. Unless the cookies are infused, then that might not be such a good idea.


2. Holiday food, in general, is fantastic


Indeed, even fruitcake will be delightful. Just kidding, but most everything else will taste like heaven.

3. Christmas dinner with the family will be bearable

Lots of craziness happens during Christmas dinner, especially the conversations. But if you’re high, then you won’t care how many times someone asks about your GPA or your opinion on politics.

4. You will be thankful for every gift, even the lame ones


After all, there’s not much to complain about when you’re high. Even if you did get socks for the fifth year in a row.

5. Childhood Christmas movies are the bomb when you’re high

Despite the fact that television plays the same Christmas movies every year, they are always more intriguing when you’re high,

6. Watching the snow fall will be bliss


Of course, looking at the snow fall while taking bong rips will be ten times as enjoyable.

7. Playing in the snow will be like the first time all over again


In fact, it will be ten times more fun playing in the snow when you’re high.

8. Jamming out to Christmas music won’t be so bad


In general, Christmas music gets old fast. But when you’re on cloud nine, you’ll more than likely jam out like crazy with the rest of the family.

9. Christmas lights are mesmerizing


After a good smoke sesh, you’ll be in awe of all the beautiful Christmas lights surrounding you.

10. You’re less likely to disown your favorite NFL team if they lose


Not only will smoking some weed before the game keep you calm, but it will also keep you from losing your s*** afterward as well.

11. You’ll feel extra special in your Christmas pajamas


No matter how embarrassing they are.

12. Taking pictures with the family will actually be fun


Although you and certain family members might not get along, you’ll be too high to care.

13. Bringing Christmas conspiracy theories to the table won’t be an issue


Indeed, it’s not just Santa‘s sleigh that makes those reindeer fly so high.

14. A wake and bake will prepare you to get up early with the kids

Photo credit As a matter of fact, you may even be more excited than the kids.

15. Bonding with your cousins will be joyous


Especially if they enjoy getting high just as much as you do.

16. Going to an early morning church service will be a breeze


After all, there’s a leftover blunt clip waiting for you back home.

17. Wearing an ugly Christmas sweater will make you feel like a G


No words needed.

18. Infused baked goods = one happy family


If your family is lacking enthusiasm on this on this particular day, then slip them a weed brownie.

19. There are many ways to hide those red eyes


Got a case of the red eyes? If so, then just throw on those ridiculous holiday glasses.

20. Working on Christmas day? No problem


You might be the only person that’s happy to work on a holiday, but at least you’ll make it through the day like a champ.

21. Even if you didn’t get what you wanted this year, you still have your weed


Oh weed. We love you. Happy holidaze!

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