The Powerful Cannabinoid Fighting Prostate and Breast Cancer

New Research: Cannabinoids Shown as “Promising” Weapon in Fight Against Prostate and Breast Cancer.

According to a University of Madrid study published on September 16th, marijuana’s non-psychoactive CBD cannabinoid could one day become an effective tool in the treatment of prostate and breast cancer.
Providing some much-needed hope for the estimated 40,000 women that die as a direct result of breast cancer annually and the 180,000 men diagnosed with prostate cancer each year, the National Institutes of Health published their ‘Expert Opinion’ for public consumption:

Cannabinoids, in particular the non-psychoactive CBD, may be promising tools in combination therapy for breast and prostate cancer, due to their direct antitumor effects, their ability to improve the efficacy of conventional antitumor drugs and their usefulness as palliative treatment.
While the research is most definitely promising, scientists concluded “deeper studies” were needed to fully ascertain the compounds and mechanisms responsible for the cannabinoid’s “antitumor and pro-tumour properties.”

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Allowing unadulterated science to flourish

As a means of facilitating the “deeper studies” and needed research to validate the broad spectrum of marijuana’s medicinal claims, the plant and its miracle cannabinoids should be removed immediately from the Controlled Substance Act as a Schedule I Narcotic. While poll after poll in state after state show voter support the legalization of medical marijuana, the feds and their scientifically oppressive position need to evolve.
Source: NHI
Provided you can make it past the elevator music during the introduction – in the below Youtube video interview Biochemist Dennis Hill discusses how he cured his prostate cancer with cannabinoid oil.

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