It Turns Out Your Body Was Designed to Work Better With Cannabis

Going back millions of years in history, our ancestor's diets were a mix of plant and protein based food. Days were spent lounging in the jungles, foraging for vegetation and fruits, eating termites, figs, seeds and other sources of nutrition. The fruits and vegetation they consumed may have altered the course of our history forever.

They consumed terpenoids our fellow mammals couldn't or didn't want to reach. If they never ate as many terpenoids and cannabinoids, we can wonder if they would've had the creativity to discover new ways of solving problems, like sparking the first fire or building the first "home".

Cannabis has been our silent partner for millennia. We now know that spices and plants contain varying degrees of cannabinoids and terpenoids. Consider that nutmeg is a known spice and, when consumed in massive quantity, it gives you a mental buzz (Though I don't recommend experimenting).

Many commonly eaten store items such as apricots, parsley, wild thyme, and even drinks containing hops have terpenoids in varying degrees.

Is it too much of a stretch to think our Castaway-like, life-changing event (fire) was inspired by a mix of cannabinoids?

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    A bit about the Endocannabinoid System (ECS):
def. Endo-(within you) Cannabinoid-(cannabis compound) System-(physiological lock and key system)
Did you know that the ECS determines whether or not babies are born? Anandamide is a chemical that your body produces which is known to cause sudden pregnancy loss. When they discovered reduction of these levels in pregnant mice, they took notice.

How does the human body work with cannabis?


Think of the ECS like a lock and key system inside your body. The lock (receptor) is always present inside your body, waiting for the key (cannabinoids and terpenoids) to open the receptor. When you consume cannabis you activate these receptors and initiate a chain of events inside your body to release endocannabinoids into your bloodstream and cells.

Every cell in your body interacts with cannabinoids.

They stimulate liver cells to form (reverses some of those college days), and expand your lungs so you breathe better!
Your kidneys will thank you.

Your Body Produces Natural Cannabinoids

Ever wonder why breast-feeding is so crucial for human development? Cannabinoids. Researchers found the major function of endocannabinoids is to teach a baby the suckling process by inducing appetite. In essence, some would say mothers got their kids high to eat.

The human body constantly produces and regulates endocannabinoids for a variety of essential life functions.
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It Kills Cancer. Really.

Any other pill, any other drug, any other profit-driven medical treatment would be hailed as the medical miracle of our time. Yet, political hypocrisy would keep this fact from the public.

The scientific term is Apoptosis which means to induce cellular death. Cancerous tumors are essential clumps of normal cells that haven't received the stop signal. When cancer patients consume cannabis, cancer cells are "turned off."

No more cancerous growth.

A friend of mine got Stage 4 cancer to go into remission while still in the military and has been cancer-free for over a year. Numerous patients I spoke with during my time inside the dispensary as a budtender tell a similar story.

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Bong Hits for Your Bowels

A buddy of mine has Crohn's Disease. When he smokes weed or takes a dab, I wouldn't even know unless he told me. When his stash is short, though, it's a race to the bathroom every 15 minutes.

Your intestines are lined with cannabinoid receptors. It's like nature gave us a fix for everything if we eat naturally produced food.

Blunts for Broken Bones

If you ever miss your landing and break a bone, try to do it in Israel. Their hospitals have found that cannabinoid treatment is beneficial for fractures and other bone injuries. They have your personal vaping bag bedside for you ready with CBD vapor.

Your body's ECS receptors also stimulate bone regeneration.

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